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Freedom and Constraint in Caribbean Migration and Diaspora
Elizabeth Thomas-Hope
Freedom and Constraint in Caribbean Migration and Diaspora
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The Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury in the United Kingdom on June 22, 1948, carrying the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the first post-war generation of Caribbean migrants who left their homeland in search of a better life. Freedom and Constraint in Caribbean Migration and Diaspora explores the contemporary nature of migration, the socio-economic, political and cultural impact of such movements, while highlighting the varying discourses that arise. Race, transnationalism and the emerging concept of ‘Diaspora’ are all examined providing insight for the academic, decision-maker, student and all those interested in migration studies.

As a selection of contributions made at the June 2006 conference at the University of the West Indies, Mona, ‘Caribbean Migration: Forced and Free’, this volume represents the experience of the entire Caribbean region: Anglophone, Hispanophone, Francophone and Dutch. With authors from across the Caribbean and beyond, it offers some contrasting perspectives on current issues related to movement, return and resettlement.

Table of Contents
Section 1 - Social Constructions of Race and Identity in the Experience and Culture of Migrationand the Diaspora
Migrants Versus The Yu Di Kòrsou:
Refugees and Asylum Seekers in theFrench Overseas Departments:
Contemporary Venezuela
In Pursuit of Citizenship
Caribbean Immigrants Changing the Political Landscape of New York City
Risk and resilience in the African-Caribbean community in the UK
Small Islands and the Space In Between:
Collecting the Memories:
Transnational Return Migration to the English-Speaking Caribbean
Section II - Paradoxes and Possibilities of Transnationalism
Migration of Parents from the Caribbean:
From Immigration to Deintegration to Re-integration in the Caribbean:
Involuntary and Coerced Migration: ‘Deportees’ Coming ‘Homeward’
Migration and Remittances
The Remittance Profile of Jamaican Immigrants
Migration and the Small Farming Experience
An Assessment of the Emigration of Highly skilled workers from Jamaica
Nurse Migration and the Impact onHealth Systems in the Caribbean
In Search of The Diaspora Effect:
Free Movement of Persons in the CariCOM Single Market and Economy
Caribbean Migration in the Neoliberal Era
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