Nanny's Asafo Warriors: The Jamaican Maroons' African Experience

Nanny's Asafo Warriors: The Jamaican Maroons' African Experience

By Werner Zips
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Book Description

In 1975, Nanny was declared the first and, is to date, the only female National Hero in Jamaica. Though revered as a leader of the Maroons – that group of runaway slaves who fought the British during the 18th century and established free communities in the mountainous interior of Jamaica, maintaining their freedom and independence – much of Nanny’s story and that of the Maroons has been from oral tradition which paints a different picture from the Eurocentric historiography of colonial sources.

Using an ethnohistorical approach that combines political and legal anthropology with an African interpretive framework, Anthropologist Werner Zips takes Nanny’s key role in the Maroon societies to probe into the African political, legal, social and religious experiences throughout the periods of slavery, colonial rule and postcolonial nation building to provide a new perspective on the Maroons beyond the African cultural retentions in the New World.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Illustrations
  • Foreword
  • Preface: The Porcupine Fights for Justice
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Encounters with History – History of Encounters
  • Chapter 1: Ethnohistorical Appraisal of the ‘Historical Present’
  • Chapter 2: The Logic of Maroon Political Praxis: Some Theoretical and Methodological Notes
  • Chapter 3: Routes from the Roots – Africa in Jamaica
  • Chapter 4: A Comparative Dimension of West Africa and the Caribbean: On the Structural History of Chieftaincy among the Maroons
  • Chapter 5: Engendering History: Comparative Reconstruction of Female Political Participation in Jamaica and West Africa
  • Chapter 6: Sanctified by Blood Sacrifice – The 1738/1739 Peace Treaty as the Basis for Maroon Sovereignty
  • Epilogue: The ‘Maroon’ Struggle as Part of an African Freedom Struggle
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
    • Map 1: Map of Ghana Showing the Akan Region
    • Map 2: Asante Expansion during the Eighteenth Century
    • Map 3: MaroonTerritories in the Western Hemisphere
    • Map 4: Slave Uprisings and the Maroon Settlements in Jamaica
    • Map 5: British Forts in Jamaica Around 1790
    • Map 6: Cockpit Country Controlled by the Leeward Maroons
  • Index
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