Star Apple Blue and Avocado Green

Star Apple Blue and Avocado Green

By Paulette A. Ramsay
US$ 9.99
Book Description

Star Apple Blue and Avocado Green is a stirring collection of poetry paying tribute to the greatest attributes of life’s journey from a Caribbean, moreso Jamaican, perspective. Divided into 4 sections – Closing Doors, Speaking in Halves, Mama’s Handbag and Caribbean Global – the 62 poems in this collection call to mind the experiences of us all.

Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Closing Doors
    • Closing Doors
    • Star Apple Blue and Avocado Green
    • Potiphar’s Wife
    • An Angry Woman Speaks to Her Body of Corpulence
    • The Way She Was
    • I Learned to Dance
    • (Un)like Lot’s Wife
    • I Have Loved and Lost
    • Reflections on the Dirty Dishes in the Sink
    • The Rats Come out at Nights
    • Beijing Salute
    • (Re)making Self
    • Luna Mystery
    • Naissance
    • The Girl with the Big Heart
    • The Reason She Sings
    • No Memories Great Enough to Keep Me Here
  • Speaking in Halves
    • Oxymoron
    • Speaking in Halves
    • Jordan Crossing
    • Reluctant Neighbour
    • Old Men Dream Dreams
    • The Uncovering of a Mermaid
    • (Un)wanted Poems
    • Her Fear of Fear
    • Going Back
    • Praying Mantis
    • Grief in Hyperbole
    • Reunion Dream
    • “Free Shampoo”
    • Hypotheses
    • Real Flowers
    • Eating Words
    • On the Edge of Hell
    • I Remember
    • Encounter with a Canadian Border Security Guard
    • Caleb’s First Day in Heaven
  • Mama’s Handbag
    • Mothers Make Magic
    • The First Mother
    • Birthing of Sons
    • Mother Me
    • Mothers
    • Last Will and Testament
    • The Family Firm
    • A Mother’s Day Flight
    • Mama’s Handbag
    • The Mother of an Addict
    • Prayer for Jennifer Pinckney
    • They Did Not Bring Back Our Girls
    • Forget Me Not
  • Caribbean Global
    • Awesomesauce!
    • Caribbean Global
    • The Middle Passage
    • When the Yellow Pouis Bloom
    • Alternative Discourse
    • Compliments of a Jamaican Man
    • Dilemma of a Bandit
    • Tony Come Home from Jail Change
    • Human Rights
    • Mourning a House
    • One Hundred Years of Literary Indulgence
    • What Google Know
  • Glossary
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