The Creative Echo Chamber: Contemporary Music Production in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Creative Echo Chamber: Contemporary Music Production in Kingston, Jamaica.

By Dennis O. Howard
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Book Description

The pulsating and seductive rhythms that make up Jamaican popular music extend far beyond reggae; and recently, a greater appreciation has emerged for the island’s rich musical heritage and international impact. From ska, rocksteady and reggae to dancehall and dub, Jamaican popular music has made significant contributions to international pop culture.
In The Creative Echo Chamber, Dennis Howard explores the unique nature of popular music production in Jamaica, which, though successful, runs counter to the models of the music industry in the developed world. The influence of the sound system in particular, the dynamics of intellectual property rights and value chain logic which are peculiar to the Jamaican music industry are part and parcel of the structures, production modes and business models which have led to hybridity and unparalleled innovation.
Using his background as an academic as well as a 30-year veteran in the media and entertainment industries, Howard, a Grammy-nominated producer brings fresh insight and perspective to the distinctive nature of Jamaican popular music.

Table of Contents
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • 1. Background to the Business in Jamaica
    • Weak Framework
    • The Issue of Copyright
    • The Role of Technology
    • Central Questions
    • Cultural Production
    • Organisational Structure
  • 2. Surveying the Soundscapes: Writing on the Jamaican Music Scene
    • Biographies
    • Intraorganisational Research
    • Value Chain Dynamics
    • The Popular Music Industry Model
    • Traditional Music Industry Value Chain
    • Musical Networks Value Chain
    • Michael Witter’s Circular Income Flow
    • Interorganisational Research
    • Cultural Studies Perspective
    • Dub Version
  • 3. Making Popular Music in the Creative Echo Chamber
    • Periods of Cultural Production
    • Folk Culture (Pre 1950s–56)
    • Period of Appropriation (1957–60)
    • Innovation (1961–69)
    • Internationalisation (1970–80)
    • Neoinnovation (1981–2000)
    • Crossing over by Collaboration
    • Global Interaction: 2001–Present
    • Concluding Thoughts
  • 4. Value Chain Dynamics in the Creative Echo Chamber
    • Kingston: Beat City, the Creative Echo Chamber
    • Value Chain Dynamics in the Recorded Music Industry
    • Kingston Value Chain
    • Voicing/Sound System Income Stream
    • Recording /Distribution Income Stream
    • Live Performance Income Stream
    • Organisational Structure
    • Sound Systems in the Value Chain
    • Musicians and their role in the Value Chain
    • Dub Plate Culture in the Value Chain
    • Manufacturing and Distribution in the Value Chain
    • The Multiple-Simultaneity Modes of Production Model
    • Conclusion
  • 5. Too Much Mix Up Mix Up: Copyrighting Culture
    • What is Copyright?
    • Copyright within Kingston’s Creative Echo Chamber
    • Who Owns the Music?
    • The Performing Rights Society
    • Copyright Dynamics in The Creative Echo Chamber
    • Creative Commune
    • The Open Domain
    • Multiple Simultaneity Production Model (Copyrighting Culture)
    • A Call to Action on the 1993 Copyright Act
    • Home-grown Societies
    • National Consolidation or International Coercion?
    • In the Interest of ‘Babylon System’
    • Copyright Extension 2015 - Legislative Overreach
    • Literary Property and the Author
    • The Internet and Copyright
    • Conclusion
  • 6. Tek-no-li-gy Processing: Reshaping the Soundscape
    • Punching for Recognition of the Jukebox Culture in Jamaica
    • Sociocultural Hybridity and Imperial Hegemony
    • From Ghetto Laboratories in the Creative Echo Chamber to the Technosphere
    • Version Galore
    • The King at the Control
    • A Likkle a Dis an a Likkle a Dat (The Remix Culture)
    • The Tom Tom Club Mash up: A Case Study
    • Outro
  • 7. Mastering our Fate: Jah Jah Children Them a Moving Up
    • Music for Days and Extra Days
    • Cultural Production Periods
    • Value Chain
    • Future Research Initiatives
    • Recommendations
    • Las Lick
  • References
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