The University of the West Indies Press
What Do Jamaican Children Speak?
Michele M. Kennedy
Education & Teaching
What Do Jamaican Children Speak?
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Title Page
Copyright Page
Dedication Page
List of Tables
Abbreviations Used in the Presentation of Data
Other Abbreviations
Chapter 1. Laying the Foundation
1.1 The Language Situation in Jamaica
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Limitations of the Study
1.4 Aims of the Research and the Structure of the Book
Chapter 2. Theoretical Bases of the Study
2.1 The Acquisition of a First Language
2.2 The Acquisition of a Second Language
2.3 The Role of Input in Acquisition
2.4 Code-Switching
2.5 Minimalism
Chapter 3. How the Children Use and Create Words
3.1 Inventories of Sounds in JC versus JE
3.2 The Categorial Composition of the Children’s Vocabulary
3.3 Adjectival Modification
3.4 Word Formation Strategies
Chapter 4. What the Children Do with Nouns
4.1 Count and Non-Count Nouns
4.2 Number Marking in JC versus JE
4.3 The Expression of (In)Definiteness
4.4 Possessive Noun Phrases
4.5 Concluding Remarks
Chapter 5. What the Children Do with Verbs
5.1 Tense
5.2 Aspect
5.3 Back to Tense
5.4 Weaving of JE and JC
5.5 Summary and Conclusion
Chapter 6. Bringing It All Together
6.1 Specific Issues in the Nominal and Verbal Domains
6.2 The Relative Distribution of JE and JC Structures in the Children’s Usage
6.3 Blurred Boundaries and Their “Un-Blurring”
6.4 Levels of Language Awareness and Literacy
6.5 Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1. The Cassidy-JLU Writing System
Appendix 2. The Lexical-Functional Distinction
Appendix 3. Other Codes Used for Tagging
Appendix 4. The Type-Token Distinction
Appendix 5. SHared Words with Different Meanings
Appendix 6. JConly Words
Appendix 7. List of Plural Fossils Used
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