"Mr Punch's" Book of Arms

"Mr Punch's" Book of Arms

By Edward Tennyson Reed
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Table of Contents
  • 'Mr. Punch's' Book of Arms.
  • Contents.
  • First Baron Russell of Killowen.
  • The Right Hon. Sir William Vernon Harcourt, P.C. M.P.
  • Joseph, first Earl of Birmingham.
  • Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, G.C.B. M.P.
  • Horatio Herbert, first Viscount Kitchener of Omdurman.
  • M. le President, Felix Faure.
  • Lord Kipling of Mandalay.
  • The Earl of Barnato.
  • Viscount Stanley of the Congo.
  • Oom Paul, first Earl of Krugersdorp.
  • Viscount Gatti of the Strand.
  • The London County Council.
  • The Marquis of Hooley.
  • Mr. Justice Darling of Deptford.
  • The Duke of Rhodes.
  • Hall Caine, first Lord Manxman.
  • Baron Maple of Tottenham Court.
  • Louis, first Baron Island de Rougemont.
  • Lord Leno.
  • Prince Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji, Duke of Sussex.
  • Marie, Countess Corelli.
  • Baron Lecky of Dublin.
  • Viscount Labouchere of Twickenham.
  • George Nathaniel, first Earl Curzon of the Pamirs 'specially granted'.
  • Thomas, Viscount Bowles of the Bosphorus.
  • Baron Bartlett of Sheffield.
  • Henry, first Baron Hawkins of Tryham Fairleigh and Sentensham.
  • Mr. Punch.
  • Transcriber's Notes
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