Caribbean Realities and Endogenous Sustainability

Caribbean Realities and Endogenous Sustainability

By Debbie Mohammed, Nikolaos Karagiannis
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Table of Contents
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Part 1. Theoretical Issues and Alternative Perspectives
    • Chapter 1. The Caribbean in the Age of Globalization: From Plantations to Resorts
    • Chapter 2. Corporate Governance in the Caribbean: Failures, Impact and the Way Forward
    • Chapter 3. Identity Formation in the English-Speaking Caribbean: Towards a Sociodynamic Perspective
    • Chapter 4. Caribbean Foreign Policies in the Twenty-First Century: From Activism to Improvisation in Diplomacy
  • Part 2. Economic Policies for Sustainable Growth
    • Chapter 5. The Post-Independence Performance of Caribbean Economies: The Centrality of Economic Policy Choices
    • Chapter 6. Central American Common Market and Caribbean Community Trade Policy and Competitiveness on the European Union Market
    • Chapter 7. Inclusive Growth and CARICOM Economies: Considerations in Developing a Green Growth Framework
    • Chapter 8. Marshalling Transnational Partners for Caribbean Development: The Role of the Diaspora
  • Part 3. Globalization and Special Challenges
    • Chapter 9. New Dimensions of Regionalism in the Caribbean: An Analysis of the Shanique Myrie Case
    • Chapter 10. Governance and Security in the Caribbean Region: What Does It Take?
    • Chapter 11. Advancing Caribbean Competitiveness: The Potential of Business Analytics
    • Chapter 12. Global Forces and the Role of Caribbean Trade Unions as Political Actors
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