The Art of Fencing; Or, The Use of the Small Sword

The Art of Fencing; Or, The Use of the Small Sword

By maître d'armes Labat
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The ART of
    • or, the USE of the
  • Small SWORD.
    • Monsieur L'ABBAT;
    • PREFACE.
      • THE
    • OR THE
    • USE of the SMALL-SWORD.
    • CHAP. I.
      • Of chusing and mounting a Blade.
    • CHAP. II.
      • Of Guard.
    • 1st. Plate
      • The middling Guard.
        • The straight Guard or flat Sword.
    • 2d Plate.
      • A Lunge in Quart.
        • A Thrust in Quart.
    • CHAP. III.
      • Of Pushing Quart.
      • Of recovering in Guard.
    • CHAP. IV.
      • Of the Parade of Quart.
    • 3rd Plate.
      • Parade of Quart.
        • Parade of Quart opposing with the Hand.
    • 4th. Plate.
      • A Lunge in Tierce.
        • Tierce Parryed.
    • CHAP. V.
      • Of pushing Tierce without, or on the Outside of the Sword.
      • Parade of Tierce.
    • 5th. Plate.
      • Parade of Tierce yeilding the Feeble.
        • The same parade & opposition of the Hand.
    • CHAP. VI.
      • Of pushing Seconde.
    • CHAP. VII.
      • The Parades of Seconde.
    • CHAP. VIII.
      • Of Quart under the Wrist.
    • 7th. Plate.
      • Thrust under the Wrist.
        • It's Parade.
    • CHAP. IX.
      • Of Flanconnade.
    • 8th. Plate.
      • Flannconade.
        • The Opposition of the Hand to the lowering the body.
    • CHAP. X.
      • Of Parades.
      • The ripostes.
    • CHAP. XI.
      • Of the demarches, or manner of advancing and retiring.
    • CHAP. XII.
      • Of Disengagements.
    • CHAP. XIII.
      • Of Feints.
    • CHAP. XIV.
      • Of cutting over the Point of the Sword.
    • CHAP. XV.
      • Of the Reprise, or redoubled Thrust.
      • The Reprises on the Outside.
    • CHAP. XVI.
      • Of passing Quarte within the Sword.
    • 9th. Plate.
      • A Pass in Quart.
        • The Lowering the Body on the Pass.
    • 10th. Plate.
      • The Turning the Body on a Pass in Tierce.
        • Pass in Seconde Volting the Body.
      • To Pass in Tierce.
      • To Pass in Seconde.
    • CHAP. XVII.
      • Of volting the Body.
    • CHAP. XVIII.
      • Of Joining or seizing the Sword.
    • 11th. Plate.
      • The Seizing and presenting the Sword.
        • Parrying and Disarming.
    • CHAP. XIX.
      • Of engaging in Quarte in a midling Guard.
    • CHAP. XX.
      • Of engaging in Tierce in the Midling Guard.
      • When you are engaged within the Sword.
    • CHAP. XXI.
      • Of several Guards, and the Manner of attacking them.
      • To attack a strait Guard.
    • 12th. Plate.
      • Attack in the high Guard.
        • Attack in the low Guard.
      • To attack the high Guard.
      • To attack the low Guard.
      • To attack the Guard where the Sword is held in both Hands.
    • CHAP. XXII.
      • Of Left-handed Men.
    • CHAP. XXIII.
      • Of the Parade of the Hand.
      • Of the Opposition of the Hand.
    • CHAP. XXIV.
      • Of the beat of the Foot, in closing the measure, or in the same place.
    • CHAP. XXV.
      • Of the Good Effects of a nice Discernment of the Eye.
    • CHAP. XXVI.
      • Of Time.
    • CHAP. XXVII.
      • Of Swiftness.
      • Of Measure.
    • CHAP. XXIX.
      • Of the Necessity of some Qualities in a Master.
    • CHAP. XXX.
      • Rules for pushing and parrying at the Wall, and for making an Assault.
    • CHAP. XXXI.
      • Against several erroneous Opinions.
      • FINIS.
    • Thrusts of Emulation for Prizes, Wagers &c.
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