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Carlong Theatre Arts for CSEC® With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises
Keith Noel, Cheryl Ryman, Alafia Noel
Education & Teaching
Carlong Theatre Arts for CSEC® With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises
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Carlong Theatre Arts for CSEC® With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises targets the fulfilment of the philosophy behind the study of theatre arts. Section 1 presents an overview of the CSEC® theatre arts examination. Then, in line with the CSEC® syllabus, the book looks at the importance of the study of theatre arts in Section 2. In Section 3 the very important area of the SBAs is tackled and dealt with efficiently and expertly.

Caribbean Cultural Forms, very critical to the study of theatre arts in the Caribbean, are covered in detail in Section 4. The provision of vital information on these cultural forms in one place is a precious gift to students.

Section 5 gives students and teachers step-by-step guidance in preparing for and executing the practical examinations. This covers the three areas treated in theatre arts, i.e. drama, dance and stage crafts. Section 6 holds the students' hands as it takes them through preparing for the written examination. Valuable advice is given to help the students know exactly what exam questions are asking and how to answer them.

A sample examination paper is also provided for practice.

Preliminary Pages
Section1: The CSEC® Theatre Arts Examination
Section 2: Why Theatre Arts?
Section 3: The SBAs
Section 4: Some Caribbean Cultural Forms
Section 5: The Practicals: Drama, Dance, Stage Crafts
Section 6: The Written Examination
A Sample Paper
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