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The Believers Victory Over Death
Dr. Francis Adedeji
The Believers Victory Over Death
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We can all testify and give evidence to the fact that every human being will die at some point in time; this cannot be avoided on earth. Death is a great day for those who believe in Jesus Christ because we know we are going to Heaven. The hope of the Christian does not end with death. Death does no damage to their hope of living after death. Death merely transports the believer to where the believer wants to be, which is to meet our Savior and continue to live forevermore. 

Immortality will then be handed to those who have been obedient and by faith had submitted to the will of Christ. Death will then have no power again. The book gives guidelines on how to overcome the fear of death and how to prepare for it. It gives guidelines of what to do to make sure they do not serve God in vain. You may not know the day of death, but be sure of where you are going!

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Chapter 1 - - - What Is Death?
Chapter 2 - - - Causes of Death.
Chapter 3 - - - An Obvious Matter
Chapter 4 - - - God’s Final Verdict on Man’s Life
Chapter 5 - - - Understanding the Options of the After Life: Heaven or Hell?
Chapter 6 - - - Understanding The Difference Between the Body, Soul, and Spirit, Especially at Death
Chapter 7 - - -The Impact of Death in Our lives?
Chapter 8 - - - First Death, Then Judgement
Chapter 9 - - - Blessed Are Those Who Mourn ....
Chapter 10 - - - Carnal Mindedness Is Death
Chapter 11 - - - What Is Death to The Faithful Christian?
Chapter 12 - Death Has No Dominion Over Us!
Chapter 13 - - - Evil Effects of Fearing Death
Chapter 14 - - - Preparations for the After-Life Experience
Chapter 15 - - - Are You Prepared To Die, Even Now?
Chapter 16 - - - Answers To Questions About Death and The After Life
Chapter 17 - - - The Great Day of The Lord is Coming!
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