Oxford Literature Companions: AS / A Level: Dr Faustus

Oxford Literature Companions: AS / A Level: Dr Faustus

By Graham Elsdon
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Book Description

Oxford Literature Companions offer student-friendly support for A Level set texts. This guide to Doctor Faustus is ideal for use in the classroom or for revision, providing insight into characterisation, contexts and critical views, along with activities that prompt a closer analysis of the writer's language and techniques.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Plot and Structure
    • Versions of the play
    • Plot
    • Structure
  • Context
    • Marlowe’s beliefs
    • The English Faust Book
    • Religious context
    • The Renaissance and the individual
    • Magic
  • Genre
    • Morality plays
    • Doctor Faustus as tragedy
    • Doctor Faustus: morality play or tragedy?
  • Characterisation and Roles
    • Main characters
    • Minor characters
  • Language
    • Analysing language: an example
    • The energy of Marlowe’s verse
    • Elevated language
    • Irony and polysemy: the danger of words
    • Symbolism and imagery
    • Comedic prose
    • Soliloquy
  • Themes
    • Power
    • The power of religion
    • The power of evil
    • The role of the individual
    • Appearance and reality
  • Performance
    • Script and staging decisions
    • Performance history: different productions
    • Performance as a reading
    • Concepts underpinning performance
    • Performing spectacle
    • Filmed versions of the play
  • Critical Views
    • Reading positions and approaches
    • Beginning to apply critical views
    • Interpreting Faustus: further views
    • Interpreting farce
    • Interpreting narrative
    • Interpreting universal experience
    • Interpreting disunity
    • Developing your own readings
  • Skills and Practice
    • Exam skills
    • Planning and structuring an answer
    • Writing convincing introductions
    • Choosing quotations
    • Sample answers
    • Writing about extracts
    • Sample questions
  • Glossary
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