The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory; In Which will Be Found a Large Collection of Original Receipts. 3rd ed.
Lady Charlotte Campbell Bury
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The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory; In Which will Be Found a Large Collection of Original Receipts. 3rd ed.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
Game and Poultry.
Roots and Vegetables.
First Course.
Second Course.
Third Course.
First Course.
Second Course.
Third Course.
First Course.
Second Course.
Third Course.
First Course.
Second Course.
Cheese Course.
First Course.
Second Course.
Third Course.
First Course.
Second Course.
Almond Soup.
Asparagus Soup.
Calf’s Head Soup.
Carrot Soup.
Clear Soup.
Clear Herb Soup.
Cod’s Head Soup.
Crawfish Soup.
Crawfish, or Lobster Soup.
Curry or Mulligatawny Soup.
Eel Soup.
Fish Soup.
French Soup.
Friar’s Chicken.
Giblet Soup. No. 1.
Giblet Soup. No. 2.
Giblet Soup. No. 3.
Gravy Soup. No. 1.
Gravy Soup. No. 2.
Gravy Soup. No. 3.
Hare Soup.
Hessian Soup.
Mock Turtle Soup. No. 1.
Mock Turtle. No. 2.
Mock Turtle. No. 3.
Mock Turtle. No. 4.
Mulligatawny Soup. No. 1.
Mulligatawny Soup. No. 2.
Mulligatawny Soup. No. 3.
Onion Soup. No. 1.
Onion Soup. No. 2.
Onion Soup. No. 3.
Ox Head Soup.
Green Pea Soup. No. 1.
Green Pea Soup. No. 2.
Green Pea Soup. No. 3.
Green Pea Soup. No. 4.
Green Pea Soup. No. 5.
Green Pea Soup. No. 6.
Winter Pea Soup.
Pea Soup. No. 1.
Pea Soup. No. 2.
Pea Soup. No. 3.
Pea Soup. No. 4.
Portable Soup.
Potato Soup.
Rabbit Soup.
Root Soup.
Scotch Leek Soup.
To brown or colour Soup.
Seasoning for Soups and Brown Sauces.
Soup. No. 1.
Soup. No. 2.
Soup. No. 3.
Soup without Meat.
Soup for the Poor.
Soup and Bouilli
Soupe à la Reine, or Queen’s Soup.
Soupe Maigre. No. 1.
Soupe Maigre. No. 2.
Soupe Maigre. No. 3.
Soupe Maigre. No. 4.
Soupe Maigre. No. 5.
Soupe Santé, or Wholesome Soup.
Spanish Soup.
Turnip Soup.
Veal Soup.
Vegetable Soup. No. 1.
Vegetable Soup. No. 2.
Vegetable Soup. No. 3.
Vegetable Soup. No. 4.
Vegetable Soup. No. 5.
Vermicelli Soup.
West India Soup, called Pepper Pot.
White Soup. No. 1.
White Soup. No. 2.
White Soup. No. 3.
White Soup. No. 4.
White Soup. No. 5.
White Soup. No. 6.
White Soup. No. 7.
Broth for the Poor.
Broth for the Sick. No. 1.
Broth for the Sick. No. 2.
Broth for the sick. No. 3.
Barley Broth.
Chervil Broth for Cough.
Leek Porridge.
Madame de Maillet’s Broth.
Mutton Broth.
Pork Broth.
Scotch Pottage.
Scotch Broth.
Turnip Broth.
Veal Broth. No. 1.
Veal Broth. No. 2.
Veal Broth. No. 3.
Veal Broth. No. 4.—Excellent for a Consumption.
Carp and Tench.
Carp, to stew.
Another way.
Cod, to stew.
Cod, Ragout of.
Cod’s Head, to boil.
Crab, to dress.
Crab or Lobster, to butter.
Crab, or Lobster, to stew. No. 1.
Crab, or Lobster, to stew. No. 2.
Crab, or Lobster, to stew. No. 3.
Crawfish, to make red.
Eels broiled whole.
Eels, to collar.
Eels, to fry.
Eels, to pot.
Eels, to pickle.
Eels, to roast.
Eels, to spitchcock.
Another way.
Eels, to stew.
Another way.
Fish, to recover when tainted.
Fish, in general, to dress.
Fish, to dress in Sauce.
Fish hashed in Paste.
Fish, to Cavietch.
Haddocks, to bake.
Haddock baked.
Haddock Pudding.
Lampreys, to pot.
Another way.
Lobsters, to butter.
Lobster Fricassee.
Lobsters, to hash.
Lobsters, to pot.
Lobsters, to stew.
Lobster Curry Powder.
Lobster Patés.
Lobster Salad.
Mackarel à la maitre d’hotel.
Mackarel, to boil.
Mackarel, to broil.
Mackarel, to collar.
Mackarel, to fry.
Mackarel, to pickle.
Mackarel, to pot.
Mackarel, to souse.
Mackarel Pie.
Mullet, to boil.
Mullet, to broil.
Mullet, to fry.
Oysters, to stew.
Another way.
Oysters, ragout of.
Oysters, to pickle.
Oyster Patés. No. 1.
Oyster Patés. No. 2.
Oyster Patés. No. 3.
Oyster Loaves.
Oyster Pie.
Perch, to fricassee.
Pike, to dress.
Pike stuffed, to boil.
Pike, to boil, à-la-Française.
Pike, to broil.
Pike in Court Bouillon.
Pike Fricandeau.
Pike, German way of dressing—delicious!
Pike, to pot.
Pike, to roast.
Pike au Souvenir.
Pike à la Tatare, or in the Tartar fashion.
Fresh Salmon, to dress.
Salmon, to dress en caisses, that is, in small paper cases.
Salmon à la Poële, or done on the Stove.
Shrimps, to pot.
Another way.
Smelts, to fry.
Smelts, to pickle.
Smelts, to pot.
Soles, to boil.
Soles, to boil, à-la-Française.
Soles, to stew.
Water Souchi.
Sprats, to bake.
Sturgeon, to roast.
Turbot, to dress.
Turbot, plain boiled.
Turbot, to boil.
Turbot, to boil in Gravy.
Turbot, to boil in Court Bouillon, with Capers.
Turbot, to fry.
Turbot or Barbel, glazed.
Turbot, to dress en gras, or in a rich fashion.
Turbot or Barbel, to dress en maigre, or in a lean fashion.
Turtle, to dress.
Whiting, to dry.
Asparagus forced in French Rolls.
Eggs, to dress.
Eggs buttered. No. 1.
Eggs buttered. No. 2.
Eggs buttered. No. 3.
Eggs, Scotch.
Eggs for second Course.
Eggs to fry as round as Balls.
Eggs, fricassee of.
Eggs à la Crême.
Ham, essence of.
Maccaroni in a mould of Pie Crust.
Maccaroni, to dress. No. 1.
Maccaroni. No. 2.
Maccaroni. No. 3.
Maccaroni. No. 4.
Maccaroni. No. 5.
Maccaroni. No. 6.
Maccaroni. No. 7.
Maccaroni. No. 8.
Omelet. No. 1.
Omelet. No. 2.
Omelet. No. 3.
Omelet. No. 4.
Omelet. No. 5.
Omelet. No. 6.
Asparagus Omelet.
A French Omelet.
Ragout for made dishes.
Artichokes, to fricassee.
Bacon, to cure. No. 1.
Bacon, to cure. No. 2.
Bacon, to cure. No. 3.
Alamode Beef. No. 1.
Alamode Beef. No. 2.
Alamode Beef. No. 3.
Alamode Beef, in the French manner.
Rump of Beef, with onions.
Rump of Beef, to bake.
Rump of Beef, cardinal fashion.
Beef, sausage fashion.
Ribs and Sirloin of Beef.
Rib of Beef, en papillotes, (in paper.)
Brisket of Beef, stewed German Fashion.
Beef, to bake.
Beef bouilli.
Another way.
Relishing Beef.
Beef, to stew.
Another way.
Cold Beef, to dress.
Cold Boiled Beef, to dress.
Cold Beef, to pot.
Beef Steaks to broil.
Beef Steaks and Oysters.
Rump Steaks broiled, with Onion Gravy.
Beef Steaks, to stew.
Another way.
Beef Olives.
Another way.
Pickle for Beef.
Beef, to salt.
Beef, to salt.
Beef, to dry.
Hung Beef. No. 1.
Hung Beef. No. 2.
Hung Beef. No. 3.
Beef for scraping.
Italian Beef.
Red Beef.
Another way.
Collar of Beef.
Bisquet, to make.
Boar’s Head, to dress whole.
Brawn, to keep.
Hog’s head like Brawn.
Mock Brawn.
Cabbage, farced.
Calf’s Head.
Calf’s Head, to dress like Turtle.
Calf’s Head, to hash. No. 1.
Calf’s Head, to hash. No. 2.
Calf’s Head, to hash. No. 3.
Calf’s Head, to hash. No. 4.
Calf’s Head, to hash. No. 5.
Calf’s Head fricassee.
Calf’s Head, to pickle.
Calf’s Liver.
Cauliflowers, with White Sauce.
Celery, to stew.
Another way.
Celery à la Crême.
Scotch Collops.
Another way.
Scotch Collops, brown.
Collops, White. No. 1.
Collops, White. No. 2.
Collops, White. No. 3.
Collops, to mince.
Collops of cold beef.
Cucumbers, to stew.
Curry Powder, from a Resident in India. No. 1.
Curry Powder. No. 2.
Curry Powder. No. 3.
Curry, Indian. No. 1.
Curry. No. 2.
Curry. No. 3.
Curry. No. 4.
Curry. No. 5.
Curry. No. 6.
Curry. No. 7.
Farcie, to make.
Forcemeat, to make. No. 1.
Forcemeat. No. 2.
Forcemeat. No. 3.
Ham, to cure. No. 1.
Ham, to cure. No. 2.
Ham, to cure. No. 3.
Ham, to cure—the Thorpe way. No. 4.
Ham, to cure. No. 5.
Ham, to cure. No. 6.
Ham, to cure. No 7.
Ham, to cure. No. 8.
Ham, to cure. No. 9.
Ham, to cure. No. 10.
Ham, to cure. No. 11.
Ham, to cure. No. 12.
Ham, to cure. No. 13.
Ham, to cure. No. 14.
Ham, to cure. No. 15.
Westphalia Ham, to cure. No. 1.
Westphalia Ham, to cure. No. 2.
Westphalia Ham, to cure. No. 3.
Westphalia Ham, to cure. No. 4.
Westphalia Ham, to cure. No. 5.
Westphalia Ham, to cure. No. 6.
English Hams, to make like Westphalia. No. 1.
English Hams, to make like Westphalia. No. 2.
English Hams, to make like Westphalia. No. 3.
Green Hams.
Ham, to prepare for dressing without soaking.
Ham, to dress.
Ham, to roast.
Ham, entrée of.
Ham toasts.
Ham and Chicken, to pot. Mrs. Vanbrugh’s receipt.
Another way.
Herb sandwiches.
Hog’s Puddings, Black. No. 1.
Hog’s Puddings, Black. No. 2.
Hog’s Puddings, Black. No. 3.
Hog’s Puddings, White. No. 1.
Hog’s Puddings, White. No. 2.
Hog’s Puddings, White. No. 3.
Kabob, an India ragout.
Another way.
Leg of Lamb, to boil.
Leg of Lamb, with forcemeat.
Shoulder of Lamb, grilled.
Lamb, to ragout.
Lamb, to fricassee.
Miscellaneous directions respecting Meat.
Meat, general rule for roasting and boiling.
Meat, half-roasted or under-done.
Mustard, to make.
Chine of Mutton, to roast.
Mutton chops, to stew.
Mutton cutlets.
Mutton cutlets, with onion sauce.
Mutton hams, to make.
Haricot Mutton.
Another way.
Leg of Mutton.
Leg of Mutton in the French fashion.
Leg of Mutton or Beef, to hash.
Another way.
Loin of Mutton, to stew.
Neck of Mutton, to roast.
Neck of Mutton, to boil.
Neck of Mutton, to fry.
Saddle of Mutton and Kidneys.
Shoulder of Mutton, to roast in blood.
Shoulder, or Leg of Mutton, with Oysters.
Roasted Mutton, with stewed Cucumbers.
Mutton to eat like Venison.
Mutton in epigram.
Mushrooms, to stew brown.
Newmarket John.
Ox-cheek, to stew.
Another way.
Ox-tail ragout.
Peas, to stew.
Another way.
Green Peas, to keep till Christmas.
Another way.
Red Pickle, for any meat.
Beef Steak Pie.
Calf’s Head Pie.
Mutton or Grass Lamb Pie.
Veal Pie (common).
Veal Pie (rich).
Veal and Ham Pie.
Veal Olive Pie.
Beef Olive Pie.
Pig, to barbicue.
Pig, to collar.
Pig, to collar in colours.
Pig, to pickle or souse.
Pig, to roast.
Another way.
Pig, to dress lamb fashion.
Pigs’ Feet and Ears, fricassee of.
Pigs’ Feet and Ears, ragout of.
Pig’s Head, to roll.
Pilaw, an Indian dish.
Pork, to collar.
Pork, to pickle.
Another way.
Chine of Pork, to stuff and roast.
Another way.
Pork Cutlets.
Gammon, to roast.
Leg of Pork, to broil.
Spring of Pork, to roast.
Potatoes, to boil. No. 1.
Potatoes, to boil. No. 2.
Potatoes, to boil. No. 3.
Potatoes, to bake.
Potato balls.
Croquets of Potatoes.
Potatoes, to fry.
Potatoes, to mash.
Potatoes, French way of cooking.
Potatoes, à-la-Maitre d’hotel.
Rice, to boil.
Another way.
Rissoles. No. 1.
Rissoles. No. 2.
Rissoles. No. 3.
A Robinson, to make.
Salad, to dress.
Bologna Sausages.
English Sausages.
Another way.
Oxford Sausages.
Sausages for Scotch collops.
Veal Sausages.
Sausages without skins.
Spinach, the best mode of dressing.
Another way.
Spinach, to stew.
Another way.
Sweetbreads, ragout of.
Savoury Toasts, to relish Wine.
Tomata to eat with roast meat.
Tongues, to cure. No. 1.
Tongues, to cure. No. 2.
Tongues, to cure. No. 3.
Tongues, to cure. No. 4.
Tongues, to cure. No. 5.
Tongues, to cure. No. 6.
Tongue, to smoke.
Tongue, to bake.
Tongue, to boil.
Tongue, to pot.
Tongue and Udder, to roast.
Sheep’s Tongue, or any other, with Oysters.
Tripe, to dress.
Tripe, to fricassee.
Truffles and Morels, to stew.
Veal, to boil.
Veal, to collar.
Another way.
Veal, to roast.
Veal, roasted, ragout of.
Veal, to stew.
Veal, with Rice, to stew.
Veal served in paper.
Bombarded Veal.
Veal Balls.
Breast of Veal.
Breast of Veal, with Cabbage and Bacon.
Breast of Veal en fricandeau.
Breast of Veal, glazed brown.
Breast of Veal, to stew with Peas.
Another way.
Breast of Veal ragout.
Veal Collops, with Oysters.
Veal Collops, with white sauce.
Veal Cutlets, to dress.
Another way.
Veal Cutlets, larded.
Fillet of Veal, to farce or roast.
Fillet of Veal, to boil.
Half a Fillet of Veal, to stew.
Knuckle of Veal, white.
Knuckle of Veal ragout.
Leg of Veal and Bacon, to boil.
Loin of Veal, to roast.
Loin of Veal, to roast with herbs.
Loin of Veal, fricassee of.
Loin of Veal Bechamel.
Neck of Veal, stewed with Celery.
Veal Olives. No. 1.
Veal Olives. No. 2.
Veal Olives. No. 3.
Veal Olives. No. 4.
Veal Rumps.
Shoulder of Veal, to stew.
Veal Steaks.
Veal Sweetbreads, to fry.
Veal Sweetbreads, to roast.
Vegetables, to stew.
Haunch of Venison, to roast. No. 1.
Haunch of Venison, to roast. No. 2.
Haunch of Venison, to roast. No. 3.
Venison, to boil.
Haunch of Venison, to broil.
Venison, to recover when tainted.
Another way.
Red Deer Venison, to pot.
Venison, excellent substitute for.
Water Cresses, to stew.
Chicken, to make white.
Chicken, to fricassee. No. 1.
Chicken, to fricassee. No. 2.
Chicken, to fricassee. No. 3.
Chicken, to fricassee. No. 4.
Chicken, white fricassee of.
Cream of Chicken, or Fowl.
Chickens, to fry.
Chickens, to heat.
Chickens, dressed with Peas.
Chicken and Ham, ragout of.
Chicken, or Ham and Veal patés.
Duck, to boil.
Duck, to boil, à la Française.
Duck à la braise.
Duck, to hash.
Duck, to stew with Cucumbers.
Duck, to stew with Peas.
Fowls, to fatten in a fortnight.
Fowl, to make tender.
Fowl, to roast with Anchovies.
Fowl with Rice, called Pilaw.
Fowl, to hash.
Fowl, to stew.
Goose, to stuff.
Another way.
Goose’s liver, to dress.
Pigeons, to boil.
Pigeons, to broil.
Pigeons, to jug.
Pigeons, to pot.
Pigeons, to stew. No. 1.
Pigeons, to stew. No. 2.
Pigeons, to stew. No. 3.
Pigeons, biscuit of.
Pigeons, en compote. No. 1.
Pigeons, en compote. No. 2.
Pigeons, en compote. No. 3.
Pigeons, à la Crapaudine.
Pigeons in disguise.
Pigeons in fricandeau.
Pigeons aux Poires.
Another way.
Pigeons, Pompeton of.
Pigeons au Soleil.
Pigeons à la Tatare, with Cold Sauce.
Pigeons, Surtout of.
To preserve tainted Poultry.
Pullets with Oysters.
Pullets to bone and farce.
Rabbits, to boil.
Rabbits, to boil with Onions.
Rabbits, brown fricassee of.
Rabbits, white fricassee of. No. 1.
Rabbits, white fricassee of. No. 2.
Rabbits, white fricassee of. No. 3.
Turkey, to boil.
Turkey, with Oysters.
Turkey à la Daube.
Roasted Turkey, delicate Gravy for.
Turkey or Veal stuffing.
Hare, to dress.
Hare, to roast.
Another way.
Hare, to hash.
Hare, to jug. No. 1.
Hare, to jug. No. 2.
Hare, to jug. No. 3.
Hare, to jug. No. 4.
Hare, to mince.
Hare, to stew.
Hare stuffing.
Partridge, to boil.
Partridge, to roast.
Partridge à la Paysanne.
Partridge à la Polonaise.
Partridge à la Russe.
Partridge rolled.
Partridge stewed.
Salme of Partridges.
Partridge, to pot.
Partridge Pie.
Pheasant, to boil.
Pheasant, with white sauce.
Pheasant à la Braise.
Pheasant à l’Italienne.
Pheasant, Puré of.
Widgeon, to dress.
Wild Duck, to roast.
Woodcocks and Snipes, to roast.
Woodcocks à la Française.
Woodcocks, to pot.
Essence of Anchovies.
Anchovy Pickle.
Anchovy Sauce.
To recover Anchovies.
Bacchanalian Sauce.
Bechamel, or White Sauce. No. 1.
Bechamel. No. 2.
Bechamel. No. 3.
Sauce for Beef Bouilli.
Sauce for boiled Beef à la Russe.
Bread Sauce. No. 1.
Bread Sauce. No. 2.
Bread Sauce. No. 3.
Bread Sauce. No. 4.
Bread Sauce for Pig.
Browning for made dishes.
Butter, to burn.
Butter, to clarify.
Another way.
Plain melted Butter—very simple, but rarely well done.
To thicken Butter for Peas, &c.
Caper Sauce.
Carp Sauce.
Light brown Sauce for Carp.
Sauce for Carp and Tench.
White Sauce for Carp.
Dutch Sauce for Carp or Tench.
Carp Sauce, for Fish.
Cavechi, an Indian Pickle. No. 1.
Cavechi. No. 2.
Cavechi. No. 3.
Celery Sauce, white.
Celery Sauce, brown.
Sauce for boiled Chickens.
Sauce for cold Chicken or Game.
White Sauce for Chickens.
Cream Sauce for White Dishes.
Cullis, to thicken Sauces.
Brown Cullis.
Cullis à la Reine, or Queen’s Stock.
Turkey Cullis.
Cullis of Veal, or any other Meat.
Dandy Sauce, for all sorts of Poultry and Game.
Devonshire Sauce.
Sauce for Ducks.
Dutch Sauce.
Dutch Sauce for Fish.
Dutch Sauce for Meat or Fish.
Dutch Sauce for Trout.
Egg Sauce.
The Exquisite.
Fish Sauce. No. 1.
Fish Sauce. No. 2.
Fish Sauce. No. 3.
Fish Sauce. No. 4.
Fish Sauce. No. 5.
Fish Sauce. No. 6.
Fish Sauce. No. 7.
Fish Sauce. No. 8.
Fish Sauce. No. 9.
Fish Sauce. No. 10.
Fish Sauce. No. 11.
Fish Sauce. No. 12.
Fish Sauce. No. 13.
Fish Sauce. No. 14.
Fish Sauce. No. 15.
An excellent white Fish Sauce.
White Sauce, with Capers and Anchovies, for any White Fish.
Fish Stock.
Forcemeat Balls, for Sauces.
White Sauce, for Fowls.
White Sauce, for boiled Fowls.
Sauce, for roasted Fowls of all kinds, or roasted Mutton.
A very good general Sauce.
Genoese Sauce for stewed Fish.
German Sauce.
Beef Gravy.
Beef Gravy, to keep for use.
Brown Gravy.
Green Sauce for Green Geese, or Ducklings.
Ham Sauce.
Sauce for Hare or Venison.
Harvey’s Sauce.
Sauce for Hashes or Fish, and good with any thing and every thing.
Sauce for White Hashes or Chickens.
Horseradish Sauce.
Italian Sauce.
Lemon Sauce.
Liver Sauce for boiled Fowls.
Lobster Sauce. No. 1.
Lobster Sauce. No. 2.
Lobster Sauce. No. 3.
The Marchioness’s Sauce.
Meat Jelly for Sauces.
A Mixed Sauce.
Mushroom Ketchup. No. 1.
Mushroom Ketchup. No. 2.
Mushroom Ketchup. No. 3.
Mushroom Ketchup. No. 4.
Mushroom Sauce.
Sauce for roasted Mutton.
Onion Sauce.
Brown Onion Sauce.
Oyster Sauce. No. 1.
Oyster Sauce. No. 2.
Sauce for Pike, or any other fresh-water Fish.
Sauce Piquante.
Sauce Piquante, to serve hot.
Sauce Piquante, to serve cold.
Poivrade Sauce.
Poor Man’s Sauce.
Quin’s Fish Sauce.
Ragout Sauce.
Sauce de Ravigotte.
Sauce Ravigotte à la Bourgeoise.
Relishing Sauce.
Sauce à-la-Remoulade. No. 1.
Sauce à-la-Remoulade. No. 2.
Sauce à-la-Remoulade. No. 3.—For cold Chicken, or Lobster Salad.
Rice Sauce.
Richmond Sauce, for boiled Chicken.
Sauce for any kind of roasted Meat.
Sauce Robert.
Sauce for Salad.
Shalot Sauce, for boiled Mutton.
Spanish Sauce.
Sauce for Steaks.
Sultana Sauce.
Tomata Ketchup.
Tomata Sauce. No. 1.
Tomata Sauce. No. 2.
Tomata Sauce. No. 3.
Savoury Jelly for a Turkey.
Sauce for Turkey or Chicken.
Sauce for boiled Turkey or Fowl.
Venison Sauce.
Sweet Venison Sauce.
Walnut Ketchup. No. 1.
Walnut Ketchup. No. 2.
Walnut Ketchup. No. 3.
Walnut Ketchup. No. 4.
Walnut Ketchup. No. 5.
White Sauce.
White Wine sweet Sauce.
Almond Butter.
Almond Cheesecakes.
Almond Cream.
Unboiled Almond Cream.
Almond Paste, for Shapes, &c.
Almond Puffs.
Another way.
Angelica, to candy.
Apples, to do.
Pippins, to candy.
Pippins, to dry.
Apples, to preserve green.
Golden Pippins, to preserve.
Crabs, to preserve.
Siberian Crabs, to preserve (transparent.)
Another way.
Golden Pippins, to stew.
Apple Cheese.
Conserve of Apples.
Apple Demandon.
Apple Fraise.
Apple Fritters.
Apple Jelly. No. 1.
Apple Jelly. No. 2.
Apple Jelly. No. 3.
Crab Jam or Jelly.
Pippin or Codling-Jelly.
Apples and Pears, to dry.
Apricots in Brandy.
Apricot Chips.
Apricot Burnt Cream.
Apricots, to dry.
Apricot Jam.
Apricot and Plum Jam.
Apricot Paste.
Apricots, to preserve.
Another way.
Apricots, to preserve whole.
Apricots, to preserve in Jelly.
French Bances.
Barberries, to preserve.
Another way.
Dutch Biscuits.
Ginger Biscuits.
Lemon Biscuits.
Another way.
Ratafia Biscuits.
Table Biscuits.
Blancmange. No. 1.
Blancmange. No. 2.
Blancmange. No. 3.
Blancmange. No. 4.
Dutch Blancmange.
Diet Bread, which keeps moist.
Potato Bread.
Rice Bread.
Rye Bread.
Scotch short Bread.
Buttered Loaves.
Egg Loaf.
Buns. No. 1.
Buns. No. 2.
Buns. No. 3.
Bath Buns.
Another way.
Plain Buns.
Butter, to make without churning.
Black Butter.
Spanish Butter.
An excellent Cake.
A great Cake.
Light Cake.
A nice Cake.
A Plain Cake.
A very rich Cake.
Cake without butter.
Almond Cake.
Almond Cakes.
Clear Almond Cakes.
Apple Cake.
Apricot Clear Cakes.
Biscuit Cake.
Bread Cake.
Breakfast Cakes.
Excellent Breakfast Cakes.
Bath Breakfast Cakes.
Butter Cake.
Caraway Cake. No. 1.
Caraway Cake. No. 2.
Caraway Cake. No. 3.
Small Caraway Cakes.
Cocoa-nut Cakes.
Currant clear Cakes.
Egg Cake.
Enamelled Cake.
Epsom Cake.
Ginger Cakes.
Ginger or Hunting Cakes. No. 1.
Ginger or Hunting Cakes. No. 2.
Ginger or Hunting Cakes. No. 3.
Gooseberry clear Cakes.
Jersey Cake.
Jersey Merveilles.
London Wigs.
Onion Cake.
Orange Cakes.
Another way.
Orange Clove Cake.
Orange-flower Cakes.
Plum Cake. No. 1.
Plum Cake. No. 2.
Plum Cake. No. 3.
Clear Plum Cake.
Portugal Cakes.
Potato Cakes.
Pound Cake.
Pound Davy.
Clear Quince Cakes.
Ratafia Cakes.
Rice Cake.
Rock Cakes.
Royal Cakes.
Savoy or Sponge Cake.
Seed Cake. No. 1.
Seed Cake. No. 2.
Seed Cake. No. 3, called Borrow Brack.
Shrewsbury Cakes.
Sponge Cake.
Sugar Cakes.
Little Sugar Cakes.
Sweet Cakes.
Tea Cakes.
Dry Tea Cakes.
Thousand Cake.
Tunbridge Cakes.
Veal Cake.
Yorkshire Cakes.
Calves’ Foot Jelly. No. 1.
Calves’ Foot Jelly. No. 2.
Calves’ Foot Jelly. No. 3.
Calves’ Foot Jelly. No. 4.
Cheese, to make.
The best Cheese in the world.
Cheese, to stew.
Cream Cheese.
Princess Amelia’s Cream Cheese.
Irish Cream Cheese.
Rush Cheese.
Winter Cream Cheese.
To make Cream Cheese without Cream.
Damson Cheese.
French Cheese.
Italian Cheese.
Lemon Cheese—very good.
Cheesecake. No. 1.
Cheesecake. No. 2.
Cheesecake. No. 3.
Cheesecake. No. 4.
Cheesecake. No. 5.
Cheesecake. No. 6.
Almond Cheesecake.
Cocoa-nut Cheesecakes.
Cream Cheesecake.
Curd Cheesecake.
Lemon Cheesecake.
Orange Cheesecake.
Scotch Cheesecake.
Cherries, to preserve. No. 1.
Cherries, to preserve. No. 2.
Cherries, to preserve. No. 3.
Morella Cherries, to preserve.
Morella Cherries, to preserve in Brandy.
Brandy Cherries.
Cherries, to dry.
Liquor for dried Cherries.
Cherry Jam.
Cocoa-Nut Candy.
Coffee, to roast.
Another way.
Coffee to make the foreign way.
To make Cream rise in cold weather.
Cream, to fry.
Artificial Cream and Curd.
Cream of Rice.
Almond Cream.
Barley Cream.
French Barley Cream.
Chocolate Cream.
Citron Cream.
Clotted Cream.
Coffee Cream.
Eringo Cream.
Fruit Cream.
Preserved Fruit Creams.
Italian Cream.
Lemon Cream. No. 1.
Lemon Cream. No. 2.
Lemon Cream. No. 3.
Lemon Cream. No. 4.
Lemon Cream. No. 5.
Lemon Cream without Cream.
Lemon Cream frothed.
Orange Cream.
Orange Cream frothed.
Imperial Orange Cream.
Pistachio Cream.
Raspberry Cream.
Ratafia Cream.
Rice Cream.
Runnet Whey Cream.
Snow Cream.
Strawberry Cream.
Sweetmeat Cream.
Whipt Cream, to put upon Cake.
Cucumbers, to preserve green.
Cream Curd.
Lemon Curd.
Paris Curd.
Currants, to bottle.
Another way.
Currants or Barberries, to dry in bunches.
Currants, to ice.
White Currants, to preserve.
Red Currants, to preserve.
Another way.
Currant Jam.
Currant Jam or Jelly.
Black or red Currant Jelly.
Currant Juice.
Another way.
Currant Paste.
Custard. No. 1.
Custard. No. 2.
Custard. No. 3.
Custard. No. 4.
Custard. No. 5.
Almond Custard.
To bottle Damsons.
Damsons, to dry.
Damsons, to preserve without Sugar.
Dripping, to clarify for Crust.
Currant Dumplings.
Drop Dumplings.
Another way.
Kitchen hard Dumplings.
Yest Dumplings.
Another way.
Whites of Eggs.
Another way.
Figs, to dry.
Small Flowers, to candy.
Flowers in sprigs, to candy.
Dutch Flummery.
Hartshorn Flummery. No. 1.
Hartshorn Flummery. No. 2.
Hartshorn Flummery. No. 3.
Yorkshire Fritters.
Fruit, to preserve.
Fruit, to preserve green.
Fruit of all sorts, to scald.
Gingerbread. No. 1.
Gingerbread. No. 2.
Gingerbread. No. 3.
Gingerbread. No. 4.
Gingerbread. No. 5.
Gingerbread. No. 6.
Thick Gingerbread.
Gingerbread Cakes or Nuts.
Gingerbread Nuts.
Gooseberries, to bottle.
Gooseberries in Jelly.
Gooseberries, to preserve.
Another way.
Gooseberry Paste.
Grapes, to dry.
Grapes, to preserve.
Greengages, to preserve.
Another way.
Hartshorn Jelly.
Ice and Cream.
Lemon Ice.
Iceing for Cakes.
Another way.
Coloured Jelly, to mix with or garnish other Jelly.
Gloucester Jelly.
Another way.
Lemon Jelly.
Nourishing Jelly.
Orange Jelly. No. 1.
Orange Jelly. No. 2.
Orange Jelly. No. 3.
Restorative Jelly.
Strawberry Jelly.
Wine Jelly.
Lemons or Seville Oranges, to preserve.
Lemon Caudle.
Lemon or Chocolate Drops.
Lemon Puffs.
Lemon Tart.
Lemon Solid.
Syrup of Lemons.
Citron Marmalade.
Cherry Marmalade.
Another way.
Orange Marmalade. No. 1.
Orange Marmalade. No. 2.
Orange Marmalade. No. 3.
Scotch Orange Marmalade.
Red Quince Marmalade. No. 1.
Red Quince Marmalade. No. 2.
Red Quince Marmalade. No. 3.
White Quince Marmalade.
Another way.
Marrow Pasties.
Melons or Cucumbers, to preserve.
Melon Compote.
Mince Meat. No. 1.
Mince Meat. No. 2.
Mince Meat. No. 3.
Mince Meat without Meat. No. 1.
Mince Meat without Meat. No. 2.
Mince Meat without Meat. No. 3.
Lemon Mince Meat.
Oranges, to preserve.
Whole Oranges, to preserve.
Seville Oranges, to preserve.
Butter Orange.
Candied Orange.
Orange Cream.
Orange Jelly.
Orange Paste.
Another way.
Orange Puffs.
Another way.
Orange Sponge.
Orange and Lemon Syrup.
Oranges for a Tart.
Orange Tart.
Another way.
Pancakes. No. 1.
Pancakes. No. 2.
Pancakes. No. 3.
French Pancakes.
Grillon’s Pancakes.
Quire of Paper Pancakes.
Rice Pancakes.
Paste for baking or frying.
Paste for Pies.
Paste for raised Pies.
Another way.
Paste for Tarts.
Paste for Tarts in pans.
Paste for very small Tartlets.
Potato Paste.
Rice Paste.
Another way.
Paste Royal.
Short or Puff Paste. No. 1.
Short Paste. No. 2.
Short Paste. No. 3.
Short Paste. No. 4.
Short Paste. No. 5.
Short Paste. No. 6.
Short Paste. No. 7.
Short Paste, made with Suet.
Sugar Paste.
Peaches, to preserve in Brandy. No. 1.
Peaches, to preserve in Brandy. No. 2.
Peaches, to preserve in Brandy. No. 3.
Pears, to pot.
Pears, to stew.
Chicken Pie.
Giblet Pie.
Common Goose Pie.
Rich Goose Pie.
Ham and Chicken Pie.
Hare Pie.
Lumber Pie.
Olive Pie.
Partridge Pie.
Rich Pigeon Pie.
High Veal Pie.
Vegetable Pie.
A Yorkshire Christmas Pie.
Pineapple, to preserve in slices.
Pineapple Chips.
Plums, to dry green.
Green Plum Jam.
Great White Plum, to preserve.
Another way, richer.
Sack Posset.
Sack Posset, without milk.
Sack Posset, or Jelly.
Cheese Puffs.
Chocolate Puffs.
German Puffs.
Spanish Puffs.
Another way.
A good Pudding.
A very good Pudding.
An excellent Pudding.
A plain Pudding.
A scalded Pudding.
A sweet Pudding.
All Three Pudding.
Almond Pudding. No. 1.
Almond Pudding. No. 2.
Almond Pudding. No. 3.
Amber Pudding.
Princess Amelia’s Pudding.
Apple Mignon.
Apple Pudding. No. 1.
Apple Pudding. No. 2.
Apple Pudding. No. 3.
Arrow-root Pudding.
Pearl Barley Pudding.
Batter Pudding.
Plain Batter Pudding, or with Fruit.
Norfolk Batter Pudding.
Green Bean Pudding.
Beef Steak Pudding.
Bread Pudding.
Another way.
Rich Bread Pudding.
Bread and Butter Pudding.
Raisin Bread Pudding.
Buttermilk Pudding.
Carrot Pudding.
Another way.
Charlotte Pudding.
Cheese Pudding.
Another way.
Citron Pudding.
Cocoa-nut Pudding.
College Pudding. No. 1.
College Pudding. No. 2.
College Pudding. No. 3.
College Pudding. No. 4.
New College Pudding.
Another way.
Cottage Pudding.
Currant Pudding.
Custard Pudding. No. 1.
Custard Pudding. No. 2.
Custard Pudding. No. 3.
Custard Pudding. No. 4.
Fish Pudding.
French Pudding.
Gooseberry Pudding.
Hunter’s Pudding.
Jug Pudding.
Lemon Pudding.
Another way.
Small Lemon Puddings.
Maccaroni Pudding.
Marrow Pudding.
Another way.
Nottingham Pudding.
Oatmeal Pudding.
Orange Pudding. No. 1.
Orange Pudding. No. 2.
Orange Pudding. No. 3.
Orange Pudding. No. 4.
Orange Pudding. No. 5.
Orange Pudding. No. 6.
Plain Orange Pudding.
Paradise Pudding.
Pith Pudding.
Plum Pudding. No. 1.
Plum Pudding. No. 2.
Plum Pudding. No. 3.
Plum Pudding. No. 4.
Plum Pudding. No. 5.
A rich Plum Pudding.
Potato Pudding. No. 1.
Potato Pudding. No. 2.
Potato Pudding. No. 3.
Potato Pudding. No. 4.
Potato Pudding. No. 5.
Potato Pudding. No. 6.
Potato Pudding. No. 7.
Pottinger’s Pudding.
Prune Pudding.
Quaking Pudding.
Another way.
Ratafia Pudding.
Rice Pudding.
Plain Rice Pudding.
Another way.
Ground Rice Pudding.
Rice Hunting Pudding.
Kitchen Rice Pudding.
Rice Plum Pudding.
Small Rice Puddings.
Swedish Rice Pudding.
Rice White Pot.
Sago Pudding.
Spoonful Pudding.
Plain Suet Pudding, baked.
Suet Pudding, boiled.
Tansy Pudding.
Another way.
Tapioca Pudding.
Neat’s Tongue Pudding.
Quatre Fruits.
Quinces, to preserve.
Quinces, to preserve whole.
Ramaquins. No. 1.
Ramaquins. No. 2.
Ramaquins. No. 3.
Ramaquins. No. 4.
Raspberries, to preserve.
Another way.
Raspberries, to preserve in Currant Jelly.
Raspberry Jam. No. 1.—Very good.
Raspberry Jam. No. 2.
Raspberry Jam. No. 3.
Raspberry Paste.
Apple Tart with Rice Crust.
Another way.
Another way.
Excellent Rolls.
Little Rolls.
Breakfast Rolls.
Another way.
Brentford Rolls.
Dutch Rolls.
French Rolls. No. 1.
French Rolls. No. 2.
French Rolls. No. 3.
Milton Rolls.
Another way.
Another way.
Rusks, and Tops and Bottoms.
Sally Lunn.
Another way.
Soufflé of Apples and Rice.
Strawberries, to preserve for eating with Cream.
Strawberries, to preserve in Currant Jelly.
Strawberries, to preserve in Gooseberry Jelly.
Strawberry Jam—very good.
Another way.
Sugar, to clarify.
Another way.
Everlasting Syllabub—very excellent.
Solid Syllabub.
Whipt Syllabub.
Trifle. No. 1.
Trifle. No. 2.
Trifle. No. 3.
Trotter Jelly.
Veal and Ham Patés.
Venison Pasty.
Sugar Wafers.
Walnuts, to preserve.
White Walnuts.
Mustard Whey.
Excellent Yest.
Potato Yest.
Another way.
General Directions.
Green Almonds.
Artichokes to boil in Winter.
Barberries. No. 1.
Barberries. No. 2.
Barberries. No. 3.
Barberries. No. 4.
Beet-root and Turnips.
Red Cabbage. No. 1.
Red Cabbage. No. 2.
Red Cabbage. No. 3.
Another way.
Clove Gilliflower, or any other Flower, for Salads.
Cucumbers. No. 1.
Cucumbers. No. 2.
Cucumbers. No. 3.
Large Cucumbers, Mango of.
Cucumbers sliced.
Cucumbers stuffed.
Cucumbers, to preserve.
French Beans. No. 1.
French Beans. No. 2.
French Beans. No. 3.
Herrings, to marinate.
Herrings, red, Trout fashion.
India Pickle, called Picolili. No. 1.
India Pickle. No. 2.
India Pickle. No. 3.
Lemons. No. 1.
Lemons. No. 2.
Lemons. No. 3.
Lemons. No. 4.
Lemons. No. 5.
Lemons. No. 6.
Lemons, or Oranges.
Mango Cossundria, or Pickle.
Melons to imitate Mangoes.
Melons or Cucumbers, as Mangoes.
Mushrooms. No. 1.
Mushrooms. No. 2.
Mushrooms. No. 3.
Mushrooms. No. 4.
Mushrooms. No. 5.
Mushrooms. No. 6.
Mushrooms. No. 7.
Brown Mushrooms.
Mushrooms, to dry.
Mushroom Liquor and Powder.
Mustard Pickle.
Onions. No. 1.
Onions. No. 2.
Onions. No. 3.
Onions. No. 4.
Onions. No. 5.
Onions. No. 6.
Spanish Onions, Mango of.
Orange and Lemon Peel.
Oysters. No. 1.
Oysters. No. 2.
Oysters. No. 3.
Oysters. No. 4.
Oysters. No. 5.
Oysters. No. 6.
Peaches, Mango of.
Purslain, Samphire, Broom Buds, &c.
Radish Pods.
Salmon. No. 1.
Salmon. No. 2.
Salmon. No. 3.
Salmon, to marinate.
Suckers, before the leaves are hard.
Vinegar for Pickling. No. 1.
Vinegar. No. 2.
Vinegar. No. 3.
Camp Vinegar.
Chili Vinegar.
Elder-flower Vinegar. No. 1.
Elder-flower Vinegar. No. 2.
Elder-flower Vinegar. No. 3.
Elder-flower Vinegar. No. 4.
Garlic Vinegar.
Gooseberry Vinegar.
Plague, or Four Thieves’ Vinegar.
Raisin Vinegar.
Raspberry Vinegar. No. 1.
Raspberry Vinegar. No. 2.
Raspberry Vinegar. No. 3.
Walnuts, black. No. 1.
Walnuts. No. 2.
Walnuts. No. 3.
Walnuts. No. 4.
Walnuts. No. 5.
Walnuts, green.
Walnut Ketchup.
Ale, to drink in a week.
Very rare Ale.
Orange Ale.
Aqua Mirabilis, a very fine Cordial.
Another way.
Cherry Brandy.
Cordial Cherry Water.
A very fine Cordial.
Elder-flower Water.
Elderberry Syrup.
Ginger Beer. No. 1.
Ginger Beer. No. 2.
Ginger Beer. No. 3.
Ginger Beer. No. 4.
Ginger Beer. No. 5.
Imperial. No. 1.
Imperial. No. 2.
Imperial. No. 3.
Lemonade. No. 1.
Lemonade. No. 2.
Lemonade. No. 3.
Clarified Lemonade.
Milk Lemonade.
Transparent Lemonade.
Lemon Water.
Mead. No. 1.
Mead. No. 2.
Mead. No. 3.
Mithridate Brandy.
Orange Juice.
Spirit of Oranges or Lemons.
Cordial Orange Water.
Another way.
Excellent Punch.
Milk Punch.
Another way.
Norfolk Punch.
Roman Punch.
Raspberry Liqueur.
Raspberry Vinegar.
Ratafia Brandy.
Shrub. No. 1.
Shrub. No. 2.
Shrub. No. 3.
Currant Shrub.
Spruce Beer.
Bittany Wine.
Sham Champagne.
Cherry Wine.
Another way.
Cowslip Wine. No. 1.
Cowslip Wine. No. 2.
Cowslip Wine. No. 3.
Currant Wine. No. 1.
Currant Wine. No. 2.
Currant Wine. No. 3.
Currant or Elder Wine.
Black Currant Wine.
Red Currant Wine.
Another way.
Red or White Currant Wine.
White Currant Wine.
Damson Wine.
Elder Wine. No. 1.
Elder Wine. No. 2.
Elder Wine. No. 3.
Elder Wine. No. 4.
Elder Wine. No. 5.
Elder-flower Wine.
Sham Frontiniac.
Mixed Fruit Wine.
Ginger Wine. No. 1.
Ginger Wine. No. 2.
Ginger Wine. No. 3.
Ginger Wine. No. 4.
Gooseberry Wine. No. 1.
Gooseberry Wine. No. 2.
Gooseberry Wine. No. 3.
Gooseberry Wine. No. 4.
Grape Wine.
Lemon Wine.
Sham Madeira.
Orange Wine. No. 1.
Orange Wine. No. 2.
Orange Wine. No. 3.
Sham Port Wine.
Raisin Wine. No. 1.
Raisin Wine. No. 2.
Raisin Wine. No. 3.
Raisin Wine. No. 4.
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