By Kurtis Sunday
Book Description

Vienna, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but in a world in which the First World War did not take place: a man disappears. Ludwig Pechstein, of the Pechstein Security and Investigations Agency, is asked to investigate. The trail leads to gruesome secret government chemical warfare research programmes, a land commune in Switzerland, smugglers of avant-garde art, political radicals in the East End of London, and a Zionist colony in German Central Africa.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title page
  • Description
  • Imprint
  • Table of contents
  • Quote
  • Map
  • Futurism
  • 1914
  • 1918
  • 1919
  • 1920
  • 1921
  • 1943
  • Notes
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