Oxford AQA GCSE History: Conflict and Tension First World War 1894-1918 Revision Guide ebook

Oxford AQA GCSE History: Conflict and Tension First World War 1894-1918 Revision Guide ebook

By Aaron Wilkes, Tim Williams
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Book Description

This Conflict and Tension: First World War 1894-1918 Revision Guide is part of the popular Oxford AQA 9-1 GCSE History series. Written by our original author team to match the new AQA 9-1 GCSE specification, this guide covers exactly what your students require to succeed in the Paper 1 Conflict and Tension 1894-1918 Wider World Depth Study exams.

Recap key events with clear visual diagrams and brief points

Apply knowledge with targeted revision activities that tests basic comprehension, then apply understanding towards exam-style questions

Review and track revision with progress checklists, suggested activity answers and Exam Practice sections

Step-by-step exam guidance based on the popular 'How to...' student book feature

Examiner Tip features most up-to-date expert advice and identifies common exam mistakes

Boost student confidence on all AQA GCSE Conflict and Tension question types with revision activities such Source analysis and How Far Do You Agree features

Perfect for use alongside the Student Book or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision.

This revision guide helps your students Recap, Apply, and Review their way towards exam success.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Top revision tips
    • Getting your revision right
  • Master your exam skills
    • How to master source questions
    • How to master ‘how useful are the sources’ questions
    • How to master ‘write an account’ questions
    • How to master ‘how far do you agree’ questions
  • AQA GCSE History mark schemes
  • Conflict and Tension, 1894–1918 Timeline
  • Part one: The causes of the First World War
    • 1 The alliance system
      • World powers before the First World War
      • The alliance system
      • Problems with the alliances
      • The Moroccan crises
      • Problems in the Balkans
      • The Balkan Crisis, 1908–9
      • War in the Balkans
      • Results
    • 2 Anglo-German rivalry
      • Britain and Splendid Isolation
      • Challenges to Splendid Isolation
      • The end of isolation
      • Kaiser Wilhelm II’s aims and European rearmament
      • The arms race
    • 3 Outbreak of war
      • The assassition of Franz Ferdinand
      • The July Crisis and the countdown to war
  • Part two: The First World War: Stalemate
    • 4 The Schlieffen Plan
      • The failure of the war plans
      • The first weeks of the war
    • 5 The Western Front
      • Military tactics and technology
      • Trench life
      • Military tactics and technology continued
      • Key battles on the Western Front
    • 6 The wider war
      • Gallipoli and its failure
      • The war at sea
      • The blockade of Germany
      • The Battle of Jutland, May 1916
      • The U-Boat campaigns
      • Aviation technology and the war in the air
      • The war in the wider world
  • Part three: Ending the war
    • 7 Changes in the Allied forces
      • Russia leaves the war
      • The impact of Russian withdrawal
      • The USA enters the war
      • The impact of US involvement
    • 8 Military developments in 1918
      • The impact of new technology
      • The Spring Offensive and The Hundred Days
    • 9 Germany surrenders
      • The impact of war on the home fronts
      • The end of the war
      • Why was Germany defeated?
  • Exam practice: Source analysis questions
  • Exam practice: ‘Write an account’ questions
  • Exam practice: ‘How far do you agree’ questions
  • Activity answers guidance
  • Glossary
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