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The Black Tulip
Alexandre Dumas
The Black Tulip

An unjustly imprisoned man longs after both his love and his tulips.

I: A Grateful People
II: The Two Brothers
III: The Pupil of John de Witt
IV: The Murderers
V: The Tulip-Fancier and His Neighbour
VI: The Hatred of a Tulip-Fancier
VII: The Happy Man Makes Acquaintance with Misfortune
VIII: An Invasion
IX: The Family Cell
X: The Jailer’s Daughter
XI: Cornelius van Baerle’s Will
XII: The Execution
XIII: What Was Going on All This Time in the Mind of One of the Spectators
XIV: The Pigeons of Dort
XV: The Little Grated Window
XVI: Master and Pupil
XVII: The First Bulb
XVIII: Rosa’s Lover
XIX: The Maid and the Flower
XX: The Events Which Took Place During Those Eight Days
XXI: The Second Bulb
XXII: The Opening of the Flower
XXIII: The Rival
XXIV: The Black Tulip Changes Masters
XXV: The President Van Systens
XXVI: A Member of the Horticultural Society
XXVII: The Third Bulb
XXVIII: The Hymn of the Flowers
XXIX: In Which Van Baerle, Before Leaving Loewestein, Settles Accounts with Gryphus
XXX: Wherein the Reader Begins to Guess the Kind of Execution That Was Awaiting Van Baerle
XXXI: Haarlem
XXXII: A Last Request
XXXIII: Conclusion
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