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The Count of Monte Cristo
Alexandre Dumas
The Count of Monte Cristo

A man seeks revenge for having been falsely imprisoned years earlier.

I: Marseilles—The Arrival
II: Father and Son
III: The Catalans
IV: Conspiracy
V: The Marriage Feast
VI: The Deputy Procureur du Roi
VII: The Examination
VIII: The Château d’If
IX: The Evening of the Betrothal
X: The King’s Closet at the Tuileries
XI: The Corsican Ogre
XII: Father and Son
XIII: The Hundred Days
XIV: The Two Prisoners
XV: Number 34 and Number 27
XVI: A Learned Italian
XVII: The Abbé’s Chamber
XVIII: The Treasure
XIX: The Third Attack
XX: The Cemetery of the Château d’If
XXI: The Island of Tiboulen
XXII: The Smugglers
XXIII: The Island of Monte Cristo
XXIV: The Secret Cave
XXV: The Unknown
XXVI: The Pont du Gard Inn
XXVII: The Story
XXVIII: The Prison Register
XXIX: The House of Morrel & Son
XXX: The Fifth of September
XXXI: Italy: Sinbad the Sailor
XXXII: The Waking
XXXIII: Roman Bandits
XXXIV: The Colosseum
XXXV: La Mazzolata
XXXVI: The Carnival at Rome
XXXVII: The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian
XXXVIII: The Rendezvous
XXXIX: The Guests
XL: The Breakfast
XLI: The Presentation
XLII: Monsieur Bertuccio
XLIII: The House at Auteuil
XLIV: The Vendetta
XLV: The Rain of Blood
XLVI: Unlimited Credit
XLVII: The Dappled Grays
XLVIII: Ideology
XLIX: Haydée
L: The Morrel Family
LI: Pyramus and Thisbe
LII: Toxicology
LIII: Robert le Diable
LIV: A Flurry in Stocks
LV: Major Cavalcanti
LVI: Andrea Cavalcanti
LVII: In the Lucern Patch
LVIII: M. Noirtier de Villefort
LIX: The Will
LX: The Telegraph
LXI: How a Gardener May Get Rid of the Dormice That Eat His Peaches
LXII: Ghosts
LXIII: The Dinner
LXIV: The Beggar
LXV: A Conjugal Scene
LXVI: Matrimonial Projects
LXVII: The Office of the King’s Attorney
LXVIII: A Summer Ball
LXIX: The Inquiry
LXX: The Ball
LXXI: Bread and Salt
LXXII: Madame de Saint-Méran
LXXIII: The Promise
LXXIV: The Villefort Family Vault
LXXV: A Signed Statement
LXXVI: Progress of Cavalcanti the Younger
LXXVII: Haydée
LXXVIII: We Hear from Yanina
LXXIX: The Lemonade
LXXX: The Accusation
LXXXI: The Room of the Retired Baker
LXXXII: The Burglary
LXXXIII: The Hand of God
LXXXIV: Beauchamp
LXXXV: The Journey
LXXXVI: The Trial
LXXXVII: The Challenge
LXXXVIII: The Insult
LXXXIX: The Night
XC: The Meeting
XCI: Mother and Son
XCII: The Suicide
XCIII: Valentine
XCIV: Maximilian’s Avowal
XCV: Father and Daughter
XCVI: The Contract
XCVII: The Departure for Belgium
XCVIII: The Bell and Bottle Tavern
XCIX: The Law
C: The Apparition
CI: Locusta
CII: Valentine
CIII: Maximilian
CIV: Danglars’ Signature
CV: The Cemetery of Père-Lachaise
CVI: Dividing the Proceeds
CVII: The Lions’ Den
CVIII: The Judge
CIX: The Assizes
CX: The Indictment
CXI: Expiation
CXII: The Departure
CXIII: The Past
CXIV: Peppino
CXV: Luigi Vampa’s Bill of Fare
CXVI: The Pardon
CXVII: The Fifth of October
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