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The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
Fergus Hume
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

A man is found dead in a hansom cab in the city of Melbourne, Australia, and a young man is accused of his murder.

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
I: What the Argus Said
II: The Evidence at the Inquest
III: One Hundred Pounds Reward
IV: Mr. Gorby Makes a Start
V: Mrs. Hableton Unbosoms Herself
VI: Mr. Gorby Makes Further Discoveries
VII: The Wool King
VIII: Brian Takes a Walk and a Drive
IX: Mr. Gorby Is Satisfied at Last
X: In the Queen’s Name
XI: Counsel for the Prisoner
XII: She Was a True Woman
XIII: Madge Makes a Discovery
XIV: Another Richmond in the Field
XV: A Woman of the People
XVI: Missing
XVII: The Trial
XVIII: Sal Rawlins Tells All She Knows
XIX: The Verdict of the Jury
XX: The Argus Gives Its Opinion
XXI: Three Months Afterwards
XXII: A Daughter of Eve
XXIII: Across the Walnuts and the Wine
XXIV: Brian Receives a Letter
XXV: What Dr. Chinston Said
XXVI: Kilsip Has a Theory of His Own
XXVII: Mother Guttersnipe Joins the Majority
XXVIII: Mark Frettlby Has a Visitor
XXIX: Mr. Calton’s Curiosity Is Satisfied
XXX: Nemesis
XXXI: Hush-Money
XXXII: De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum
XXXIII: The Confession
XXXIV: The Hands of Justice
XXXV: The Love That Lives
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