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Uncle Silas
J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Uncle Silas

An heiress becomes ward to her disreputable uncle with an unsavory past, tainted by the apparent suicide of a man to whom he owed a large gambling debt, and must help clear his name.

A Preliminary Word
Uncle Silas
Volume I
I: Austin Ruthyn, of Knowl, and His Daughter
II: Uncle Silas
III: A New Face
IV: Madame de la Rougierre
V: Sights and Noises
VI: A Walk in the Wood
VII: Church Scarsdale
VIII: The Smoker
IX: Monica Knollys
X: Lady Knollys Removes a Coverlet
XI: Lady Knollys Sees the Features
XII: A Curious Conversation
XIII: Before and After Breakfast
XIV: Angry Words
XV: A Warning
XVI: Doctor Bryerly Looks In
XVII: An Adventure
XVIII: A Midnight Visitor
XIX: Au Revoir
XX: Austin Ruthyn Sets Out on His Journey
XXI: Arrivals
XXII: Somebody in the Room with the Coffin
XXIII: I Talk with Doctor Bryerly
XXIV: The Opening of the Will
XXV: I Hear from Uncle Silas
XXVI: The Story of Uncle Silas
XXVII: More About Tom Charke’s Suicide
XXVIII: I Am Persuaded
XXIX: How the Ambassador Fared
XXX: On the Road
XXXI: Bartram-Haugh
XXXII: Uncle Silas
XXXIII: The Windmill Wood
XXXIV: Zamiel
XXXV: We Visit a Room in the Second Storey
Volume II
I: An Arrival at Dead of Night
II: Doctor Bryerly Emerges
III: A Midnight Departure
IV: Cousin Monica and Uncle Silas Meet
V: In Which I Make Another Cousin’s Acquaintance
VI: My Cousin Dudley
VII: Elverston and Its People
VIII: News at Bartram Gate
IX: A Friend Arises
X: A Chapter-Full of Lovers
XI: The Rivals
XII: Doctor Bryerly Reappears
XIII: Question and Answer
XIV: An Apparition
XV: Milly’s Farewell
XVI: Sarah Matilda Comes to Light
XVII: The Picture of a Wolf
XVIII: An Odd Proposal
XIX: In Search of Mr. Charke’s Skeleton
XX: The Foot of Hercules
XXI: I Conspire
XXII: The Letter
XXIII: Lady Knollys’ Carriage
XXIV: A Sudden Departure
XXV: The Journey
XXVI: Our Bedchamber
XXVII: A Well-Known Face Looks In
XXVIII: Spiced Claret
XXIX: The Hour of Death
XXX: In the Oak Parlour
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