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In a Glass Darkly
J. Sheridan Le Fanu
In a Glass Darkly

A collection of five of Le Fanu’s short stories, including his most notable work “Carmilla,” presented as cases of the occult detective Dr. Martin Hesselius.

Green Tea
I: Dr. Hesselius Relates How He Met the Rev. Mr. Jennings
II: The Doctor Questions Lady Mary, and She Answers
III: Dr. Hesselius Picks Up Something in Latin Books
IV: Four Eyes Were Reading the Passage
V: Doctor Hesselius Is Summoned to Richmond
VI: How Mr. Jennings Met His Companion
VII: The Journey: First Stage
VIII: The Second Stage
IX: The Third Stage
X: Home
The Familiar
I: Footsteps
II: The Watcher
III: An Advertisement
IV: He Talks with a Clergyman
V: Mr. Barton States His Case
VI: Seen Again
VII: Flight
VIII: Softened
IX: Requiescat
Mr. Justice Harbottle
I: The Judge’s House
II: Mr. Peters
III: Lewis Pyneweck
IV: Interruption in Court
V: Caleb Searcher
VI: Arrested
VII: Chief Justice Twofold
VIII: Somebody Has Got Into the House
IX: The Judge Leaves His House
The Room in the Dragon Volant
I: On the Road
II: The Inn-Yard of the Belle Etoile
III: Death and Love Together Mated
IV: Monsieur Droqville
V: Supper at the Belle Etoile
VI: The Naked Sword
VII: The White Rose
VIII: A Three Minutes’ Visit
IX: Gossip and Counsel
X: The Black Veil
XI: The Dragon Volant
XII: The Magician
XIII: The Oracle Tells Me Wonders
XIV: Mademoiselle de la Vallière
XV: Strange Story of the Dragon Volant
XVI: The Parc of the Château de la Carque
XVII: The Tenant of the Palanquin
XVIII: The Churchyard
XIX: The Key
XX: A High-Cauld Cap
XXI: I See Three Men in a Mirror
XXII: Rapture
XXIII: A Cup of Coffee
XXIV: Hope
XXV: Despair
XXVI: Catastrophe
I: An Early Fright
II: A Guest
III: We Compare Notes
IV: Her Habits—A Saunter
V: A Wonderful Likeness
VI: A Very Strange Agony
VII: Descending
VIII: Search
IX: The Doctor
X: Bereaved
XI: The Story
XII: A Petition
XIII: The Woodman
XIV: The Meeting
XV: Ordeal and Execution
XVI: Conclusion
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