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Jules Verne

The North Pole is auctioned off, and the winning team undertakes a scientific experiment to ameliorate the local climate.

In Which the North Polar Practical Association Rushes a Document Across Two Worlds
In Which the Delegates from England, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia Are Presented to the Reader
In Which the Arctic Regions Are Sold at Auction to the Highest Bidder
In Which Old Acquaintances Appear to Our New Readers, and in Which a Wonderful Man Is Described
In Which the Possibility That Coal Mines Surround the North Pole Is Considered
In Which a Telephone Communication Between Mrs. Scorbitt and J. T. Maston Is Interrupted
In Which President Barbicane Says No More Than Suits His Purpose
Yes, Just Like Jupiter
In Which Appears the French Gentleman to Whom We Referred at the Beginning of This Truthful Story
In Which a Little Uneasiness Begins to Show Itself
What Was Found in the Notebook of J. T. Maston and What It No Longer Contained
In Which J. T. Maston Heroically Continues to Be Silent
At the Close of Which J. T. Maston Utters an Epigram
Very Short, but in Which “X” Takes a Geographical Value
Which Contains a Few Interesting Details for the Inhabitants of the Earthly Sphere
In Which a Crowd of Dissatisfied People Break Into the Cell of J. T. Maston
What Had Been Done at Kilimanjaro During Eight Month of This Memorable Year
In Which the Population of Wamasai Assemble to Hear President Barbicane Say ‘Fire’ to Capt. Nicholl
In Which J. T. Maston Regrets That the Crowd Did Not Lynch Him When He Was in Prison
In Which This Story, as Truthful as It Is Improbable, Is Finished
Very Short, Since Enough Has Been Said to Make the World’s Population Feel Perfectly Sure Again
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