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Framley Parsonage
Anthony Trollope
Framley Parsonage

A young vicar with an aristocratic patron foolishly becomes mired in debt.

I: “Omnes Omnia Bona Dicere”
II: The Framley Set, and the Chaldicotes Set
III: Chaldicotes
IV: A Matter of Conscience
V: Amantium Irae Amoris Integratio
VI: Mr. Harold Smith’s Lecture
VII: Sunday Morning
VIII: Gatherum Castle
IX: The Vicar’s Return
X: Lucy Robarts
XI: Griselda Grantly
XII: The Little Bill
XIII: Delicate Hints
XIV: Mr. Crawley of Hogglestock
XV: Lady Lufton’s Ambassador
XVI: Mrs. Podgens’ Baby
XVII: Mrs. Proudie’s Conversazione
XVIII: The New Minister’s Patronage
XIX: Money Dealings
XX: Harold Smith in the Cabinet
XXI: Why Puck, the Pony, Was Beaten
XXII: Hogglestock Parsonage
XXIII: The Triumph of the Giants
XXIV: Magna Est Veritas
XXV: Non-Impulsive
XXVI: Impulsive
XXVII: South Audley Street
XXVIII: Dr. Thorne
XXIX: Miss Dunstable at Home
XXX: The Grantly Triumph
XXXI: Salmon Fishing in Norway
XXXII: The Goat and Compasses
XXXIII: Consolation
XXXIV: Lady Lufton Is Taken by Surprise
XXXV: The Story of King Cophetua
XXXVI: Kidnapping at Hogglestock
XXXVII: Mr. Sowerby Without Company
XXXVIII: Is There Cause or Just Impediment?
XXXIX: How to Write a Love Letter
XL: Internecine
XLI: Don Quixote
XLII: Touching Pitch
XLIII: Is She Not Insignificant?
XLIV: The Philistines at the Parsonage
XLV: Palace Blessings
XLVI: Lady Lufton’s Request
XLVII: Nemesis
XLVIII: How They Were All Married, Had Two Children, and Lived Happy Ever After
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