Liberty Hall:The Legacy of Marcus Garvey
Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey
Biographies & Memoirs
76 King Street journal vol. 5 . The Journal of Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey
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Mainstream narratives of Pan-African activism/Black Nationalist movement have almost always downplayed the intellectual and political contributions of Afro-Caribbean nationalist women. Under the theme Unsilenced: Afro-Caribbean Women in Black Nationalist Activism this volume examines the erasure of the intellectual and political labour, and lives of Afro-Caribbean nationalist women who have “long embodied transnational identities by virtue of their political organizing, migratory networks, and border crossing”; their roles in canonizing the Black Nationalist political movement.

Lara Putnam
Writing Toward a Black Liberation: Claudia Jones’ Black Nationalist/Internationalist Activism
Kimberly Monroe
Jessica Huntley: Pan-African Revolutionary Woman
Claudia Tomlinson
BLACKSPACE: Erna Brodber Invokes a Sacred Pan-African Community
Shirley A. Campbell
To “Hold Up the Hand of the Emperor Ras Tafari” in 1935-6: When Caribbean Women Led The Ethiopian Solidarity Campaign
Kesewa John
Amy Ashwood Garvey And The Groundings of Efficient Womanhood In The UNIA
Natanya Duncan
The Unfinished Revolution: Haiti, Black Sovereignty and Power in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
Karen Salt
Melaine Ferdinand-King
Black Performance, Black Legacies, African Futures: An Africana Perspective on Marvel’s Black Panther and Luke Cage
Nicosia Shakes
A Life Well Lived, A Promise Fulfilled
‘We Knew Who We Were’: Reminiscing with
Queen Mother Samad
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