Needlework Economies A Book of Mending and Making with Oddments and Scraps

Needlework Economies A Book of Mending and Making with Oddments and Scraps

By Various
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Needlework Economies
  • Preface.
  • Part I. Dress Economies.
  • The Brassiere.
  • A Camisole Yoke of Embroidered Filet Net and Crochet.
  • A Pretty Camisole Yoke.
  • To Re-sole Cashmere Stockings.
  • Three Pretty Aprons.
  • Utilizing Partly-Worn Garments.
  • Collars for Cold Days.
  • To Freshen a Last Season’s Jersey.
  • The Use and Abuse of Gloves.
  • A Knitted Hat.
  • Fancy Tops for Socks and Stockings.
  • Making a Child’s Overall from a Narrow Skirt.
  • Re-footing made Easy.
  • How to Re-heel a Worn Sock.
  • Slippers you can Make.
  • Mending a Man’s Shirt.
  • Mending a Collar.
  • The Wisdom of Preventive Mending.
  • For Keeping out the Wind.
  • An Apron you can make from a Summer Skirt.
  • Knitting Your Own Woollen Spencers.
  • A Child’s Knitted Petticoat.
  • A Practical Way to Teach Girls Dressmaking.
  • The Art of Blouse Making.
  • Decorative Stitches for Children’s Clothes.
  • Part II. Household Economies and Fancy Finishes.
  • The Nursery Casement Curtain.
  • The Advantage of Coloured Knitting Cottons.
  • The Cynthia Knitted Stripe. Suitable for a Toilet Runner.
  • The Economy Quilt.
  • To Finish the Hems of Blankets.
  • Doing up an Eiderdown.
  • Patchwork Quilts.
  • Repairing Table Linen.
  • Mending a Sheet.
  • A Patchwork Toilet Runner.
  • Modern Bead Work.
  • Crochet Ribbons for Underwear Beadings.
  • Bead Fancies.
  • Some Embroidery Stitches.
  • Two Novel Bags.
  • A Violet Handkerchief Sachet.
  • A Rosebud Handkerchief Box.
  • Contents
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