A Woman's Impression of the Philippines

A Woman's Impression of the Philippines

By Mary H. (Mary Helen) Fee
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Illustrations
  • A Woman’s Impressions of the Philippines
  • The Voyage Begins
  • From San Francisco to Honolulu
  • Our Ten Days’ Sightseeing
  • From Honolulu to Manila
  • Our First Few Days in the City
  • From Manila to Capiz
  • My First Experiences As a Teacher of Filipinos
  • An Analysis of Filipino Character
  • My Early Experiences in Housekeeping
  • Filipino Youths and Maidens
  • Social and Industrial Condition of the Filipinos
  • Progress in Politics and Improvement of the Currency
  • Typhoons and Earthquakes
  • War Alarms and the Suffering Poor
  • The Filipino’s Christmas Festivities and His Religion
  • My Gold-Hunting Expedition
  • An Unpleasant Vacation
  • The Aristocracy, the Poor, and American Women
  • Weddings in Town and Country
  • Sickbeds and Funerals
  • Sports and Amusements
  • Children’s Games—The Conquest of Fires
  • Colophon
    • Availability
    • Encoding
    • Revision History
    • External References
    • Corrections
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