Bamboo Tales

Bamboo Tales

By Ira L. (Ira Louis) Reeves
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Table of Contents
  • Bamboo Tales
  • Press of Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co., Kansas City, U. S. A.
  • Contents.
  • How the Spaniards Campaigned in Luzon.
  • A Translation from a Spanish Officer’s Diary Found at San Fernando de Pampanga, Luzon, by an American Officer.
  • “Cougar” Daly.
  • A Dying Spaniard’s Request
  • Benito.
  • The Army Mule.
  • Comedy and Carnage.
    • The “Sky Pilot” and the “Dutch” Corporal.
    • The Mule that Sounded the Charge.
    • “Bull’s-Eye” Kelley and the Fire-Bug.
  • How I Saw Aguinaldo.
  • An Army Officer’s Curious Experience in Luzon.—A Tight Place and a Close Call.
  • What the Wounded Say and Do.
  • The Flight of “Father Time.”
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity.
  • Camp Alarms—False But Startling.
    • The Red-Headed Recruit and the Cuban Dog.
    • The Charge of the Hospital Corps.
    • Private Timmons and the Carabao.
  • An Encounter with Bolomen.
  • A True Narrative of a Personal Experience in the Philippines.
  • “Carabao Bill.”
  • A Midnight Reconnaissance in the Philippines.
  • “Paterno,” the Disgraced Mascot.
  • Ostracism in Monkey Society.
  • Colophon
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    • Encoding
    • Revision History
    • Corrections
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