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Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Business Management eBook
Loykie Lomine, Martin Muchena, Robert Pierce
Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Business Management eBook
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Packed full of engaging activities, this Course Book has been developed directly with the IB to reflect all aspects of the latest SL and HL Business Management syllabus, for first teaching in 2022 with first assessment in 2024.

Integrating globally contextual case studies, revised key concepts, contemporary content and support for the toolkit skills, it keeps learning fresh and develops outward-looking learners. Full assessment support is included for the strongest results.

Oxford course books are developed in cooperation with the IB. This means they are:

· A comprehensive match to the IB specifications

· Written by experienced IB practitioners

· Packed with accurate assessment support, directly from the IB

· Truly aligned with the IB philosophy, challenging learners with fresh and timely TOK questions

The printed course book is supported by a wealth of enhanced and topical digital resources in the online subscription to save teachers time and engage students.

Introduction to concepts
Introduction to the Business Management toolkit
Introduction to Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
Unit 1: Introduction to business management
1.1 What is a business?
1.2 Types of business entities
1.3 Business objectives
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Growth and evolution
1.6 Multinational companies (MNCs)
Unit 2: Human resource management
2.1 Introduction to human resource management
2.2 Organizational structure
2.3 Leadership and management
2.4 Motivation and demotivation
2.5 Organizational (corporate) culture (HL only)
2.6 Communication
2.7 Industrial/employee relations (HL only)
Unit 3: Finance and accounts
3.1 Introduction to finance
3.2 Sources of finance
3.3 Costs and revenues
3.4 Final accounts
3.5 Profitability and liquidity ratio analysis
3.6 Debt/equity ratio analysis (HL only)
3.7 Cash flow
3.8 Investment appraisal
3.9 Budgets (HL only)
Unit 4: Marketing
4.1 Introduction to marketing
4.2 Marketing planning
4.3 Sales forecasting (HL only)
4.4 Market research
4.5 The seven Ps of the marketing mix
4.6 International marketing (HL only)
Unit 5: Operations management
5.1 Introduction to operations management
5.2 Operations methods
5.3 Lean production and quality management (HL only)
5.4 Location
5.5 Break-even analysis
5.6 Production planning (HL only)
5.7 Crisis management and contingency planning (HL only)
5.8 Research and development (HL only)
5.9 Management information systems (HL only)
Unit 6: Assessment
External Assessment
Internal Assessment
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