Geography for CSEC®

Geography for CSEC®

By Garrett Nagle, Paul Guiness, Alison Rae, Simon Ross, John Rutter, Knola Oliphant, Judy Rocke, Adrian Wyllie
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Book Description

Geography for CSEC 2nd edition has been tailored to the requirements of the latest CSEC syllabus. Written by a team of experienced Geography authors, this title focuses on areas relevant to Caribbean students with up-to-date information and detailed case studies. It provides key issues facing the Caribbean region and the wider world such as climate change, environmental degradation and disaster management.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • 1 Structure of the Lithosphere, Plate Tectonics and Rock Formation
    • Theory of plate tectonics
    • Types of plate boundary
    • The Caribbean plate and adjacent plate boundaries
    • Formation and distribution of earthquakes, volcanoes and fold mountains
    • Intrusive volcanic features
    • Extrusive volcanic features
    • Changes in intrusive and extrusive volcanic features
    • Case Studies
      • St Lucia
      • St Vincent
      • The Soufrière volcanoin Montserrat
  • 2 Weathering and Mass Movement
    • Some key definitions
    • Types of weathering
    • Mass movement
    • Case Studies
      • Tobago landslide, November 2004
      • Hong Kong – a series of urban landslides, 1948–98
      • Judgement Cliff
  • 3 Fluvial processes
    • The hydrological cycle
    • The drainage basin system
    • Rivers: energy and processes
    • The upper course
    • The middle and lower courses
    • Case Study
      • Rivers in Guyana
  • 4 Coastal processes
    • The Caribbean coast
    • Waves
    • Wave processes: erosion,transportation and deposition
    • Landforms of coastal erosion
    • Landforms of coastal deposition
    • Case Study
      • Palisadoes spit, Kingston,Jamaica
  • 5 Coral Reefs and Mangrove Wetlands
    • Formation of coral reefs
    • Types of coral reef
    • Case Study
      • The Belize barrier reef
  • 6 Limestone
    • The characteristics of limestone
    • Features of tropical karst
    • Case Study
      • Blue holes in the Bahamas
      • Cockpit Country, Jamaica
      • Limestone in Puerto Rico
  • 7 Weather and Climate
    • Caribbean weather systems
    • Case Study
      • The impact of Hurricane Ivan on Grenada, September 2004
      • Climate change in Barbados
  • 8 Ecosystems
    • What is an ecosystem?
    • How does an ecosystem function?
    • Case Study
      • The Blue Mountains, Jamaica
      • Nigeria and Brazil
  • 9 Population
    • Population facts and figures
    • World population distribution and density
    • Population trends
    • Population structure
    • Case Study
      • Montserrat population structure
      • Jamaica population
      • Trinidad and Tobago population
  • 10 Urbanisation
    • The benefits and problems of urbanisation
    • Urban problems in Kingston,Jamaica
    • Controlling urbanisation in the Caribbean
    • Case Study
      • China: Strategies for reducing urbanisation
  • 11 Economic Activity
    • Classification of industry
    • Economic development
    • The importance of economic activity in the Caribbean
    • Factors influencing industrial location
    • Economic activity inthe primary and secondary sectors
    • Other types of economic activity
    • Challenges to the economies of the Caribbean
    • Case Studies
      • Primary sector: the oil and gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago
      • Secondary sector: food processing in CARICOM countries
  • 12 Agriculture
    • Large-scale and small scale commercial farming:Agricultural systems inJamaica
    • Trends in commercial arable farming in the Caribbean
    • Case Study
      • Jamaican farms
  • 13 Natural Hazards
    • Hurricanes
    • Volcanoes
    • Landslides
    • Managing natural hazards
    • Managing the risk of hurricanes
    • Case Study
      • Haiti 2010
      • Kick ’em Jenny, Grenada
      • Landslides in Puerto Rico
  • 14 Environmental Degradation
    • Our threatened planet
    • The destruction of the forests
    • Case Study
      • Tackling deforestation in Guyana
      • Pollution in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica
  • School-Based Assessment
  • Index
  • Back Cover
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