Biology for You

Biology for You

By Gareth Williams
US$ 40.49
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Book Description

Covering all GCSE specifications, this tried and tested series has been fully updated to match the (9-1) GCSE Biology specifications for first examination in 2018, as well as international specifications. With a focus on science, concepts develop naturally, engaging students and enabling them to get a thorough understanding of Biology.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Cells and Life processes
    • 1 Cells
      • Biology at work : Stem cells
    • 2 Diffusion
    • 3 Enzymes
      • Biology at work : Enzymes in industry
      • Biology at work : Other uses of enzymes
      • Further questions on Cells and life processes
  • Humans as Organisms
    • 4 Food and Digestion
      • Biology at work : Pictures of the gut
    • 5 Breathing and respiration
      • Biology at work : Training at altitude
    • 6 Blood and Circulation
      • Biology at work : Artificial pacemaker and blood pressure
      • Biology at work : Treating heart disease
    • 7 Homeostasis
      • Biology at work : Diabetes
      • Biology at work : The kidney dialysis machine and kidney transplants
    • 8 Control and Coordination
      • Biology at work : Controlling fertility
      • Biology at work : In vitro fertilisation
      • Biology at work : Investigating brain function
    • 9 Support and Movement
      • Biology at work : Sports injuries
      • Biology at work : Arthritis and joint replacement
    • 10 Disease
      • Biology at work : Using monoclonal antibodies
      • Biology at work : Preserving food
    • 11 Drugs
      • Biology at work : The misuse of drugs in sport
      • Food and digestion
  • Plants as Organisms
    • 12 Feeding in Plants
      • Biology at work : Hydroponics
      • Biology at work: Glasshouse production
      • Biology at work : Commercial uses of plant hormones
    • 13 Plant Transport
      • Biology at work: Monocultures
      • Further questions on Plants as organisms
  • Inheritance, evlution and variation
    • 14 Reproduction
    • 15 Inheritance
      • Biology at work : The DNA detectives
      • Biology at work : Cancer
      • Biology at work : The human genome project
      • Biology at work : Genetic fingerprinting
      • Biology at work : Genetically modified foods
    • 16 Evolution
      • Biology at work: Reclaiming mining tips
    • 17 Variation
      • Further questions on Inheritance, evolution and variation
  • Living Organisms and their environment
    • 18 Adaptation and Competition
      • Biology at work : The Eden project
      • Biology at work : The impact of non-indigenous species
    • 19 Energy and Nutrient Transfer
      • Biology at work : Intensive food production
    • 20 Humans and the environment
      • Biology at work : Biodegradation of oil and plastics
      • Biology at work : Sustainable fishing
      • Further questions on Living organisms and their environment
  • Biotechnology
    • 21 Biotechnology
      • Biology at work: The Chelsea Physic Garden
      • Biology at work: Biofuels
      • Biology at work: Mycoprotein – a food for the future ?
      • Further questions on Biotechnology
  • Extra sections
    • Working scientifically
    • Assessing your practical skills
    • Further questions on Practical work
    • Mathematical skills for Biologists
    • Suggestions for a revision programme
    • Revision techniques
    • Examination technique
    • Careers using Biology
    • Index
    • Acknowledgements
  • Back Cover
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