International Space Station Benefits for Humanity
NASA Administration
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International Space Station Benefits for Humanity
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Executive Summary
Human Health
Health Technology
Robotic arms lend a healing touch
Robots from space lead to one-stop breast cancer diagnosis treatment
Improved eye surgery with space hardware
Sensor technologies for high-pressure jobs and operations
Bringing space station ultrasound to the ends of the Earth
Are you asthmatic? Your new helper comes from space
Cold plasmas assist in wound healing
Preventing Bone Loss
Preventing bone loss in spaceflight with prophylactic use of bisphosphonate: Health promotion of the elderly by space medicine technologies
Improved scanning technologies and insights into osteoporosis
Good diet, proper exercise help protect astronauts’ bones
Add salt? Astronauts’ bones say please don’t
Immune Defenses
Early detection of immune changes prevents painful shingles in astronauts and in Earth-bound patients
Station immunology insights for Earth and space
Targeted treatments to improve immune response
Developing New Therapies
High-quality protein crystal growth experiment aboard Kibo
Cancer-targeted treatments from space station discoveries
Using weightlessness to treat multiple ailments
Food and the Environment
Microbiology applications from fungal research in space
Plant growth on ISS has global impacts on Earth
Experiments with higher plants on the Russian Segment of the International Space Station
Heart Health and Biorhythms
Space cardiology for the benefit of health care
Biological rhythms in space and on Earth
Innovative space-based device promotes restful sleep on Earth
Improving Balance and Movement
New technology simulates microgravity and improves balance on Earth
New ways to assess neurovestibular system health in space also benefits those on Earth
Space research leads to non-pharmacological treatment and prevention of vertigo, dizziness and equilibrium disturbances
Capturing the secrets of weightless movements for Earth applications
Space technologies in the rehabilitation of movement disorders
Earth Observation and Disaster Response
Environmental Earth Observations
Earth remote sensing from the space station
Coastal ocean sensing extended mission
Visual and instrumental scientific observation of the ocean from space
Disaster Response
Space station camera captures Earthly disaster scenes
Clear high-definition images aid disaster response
Innovative Technology
Fluids and Clean Water
Advanced ISS technology supports water purification efforts worldwide
Exploring the wonders of fluid motion: Improving life on Earth through understanding the nature of Marangoni convection
Space station-inspired mWater app identifies healthy water sources
Space-tested fluid flow concept advances infectious disease diagnoses
Improving semiconductors with nanofibers
InSPACE’s big news in the nano world
Deploying small satellites from ISS
Pinpointing time and location
Space station technology demonstration could boost a new era of satellite-servicing
Transportation Technology
Cool flame research aboard space station may lead to a cleaner environment on Earth
Robonaut’s potential shines in multiple space, medical and industrial applications
Global Education
Inspiring the next generation of students with the International Space Station
Inquiry-based Learning
Student scientists receive unexpected results from research in space
Europe’s alliance with space droids
NASA has a HUNCH about student success in engineering
Tomatosphere™: Sowing the seeds of discovery through student science
Students photograph Earth from space via Sally Ride EarthKAM program
Try zero G 2: Igniting the passion of the next generation in Asia
Asian students work with astronauts in space missions
Educational benefits of the space experiment ‘Shadow-beacon’ on ISS
Students get fit the astronaut way
Inspiring youth with a call to the International Space Station
Calling cosmonauts from home
MAI-75 experiment, main results and prospects for development in education
Economic Development of Space
Commercial Service Providers
Water production in space: Thirsting for a solution
Commercialization of low-Earth orbit (LEO)
Innovative public-private partnerships for ISS cargo services: Part 1
Innovative public-private partnerships for ISS cargo services: Part 2
Precision pointing platform for Earth observations from the ISS
The Groundbreaker: Earth observation
A flock of CubeSats photographs our changing planet
Stretch your horizons, Stay Curious™
Mission critical: Flatworm experiment races the clock after splashdown
Economic development of space in JAXA
Commercial Research
Colloids in space: Where consumer products and science intersect
Space mice teach us about muscle and bone loss
Protein crystals in microgravity
Muscle atrophy: Mice on the ISS helping life on Earth
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