NASA's First A: Aeronautics from 1958 to 2008
Robert G. Ferguson
Engineering & Transportation
NASA's First A: Aeronautics from 1958 to 2008
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Aeronautics, the first A of the NASA acronym, has always been a part of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but against the headline exploits of rocket launches, Moon landings, Space Shuttle missions, and Mars rovers, aeronautics is easily lost in the shadows of NASA’s marquee space programs. This relative obscurity belies what has been a remarkably creative, productive, and highly effective group of researchers who, at one time, even helped bring about the Space Age and invent a space agency. The list of accomplishments for NASA’s first A is long, and this book goes a modest way toward sketching these developments.

Chapter 1: The First A: The Other NASA
Chapter 2: NACA Research, 1945–58
Chapter 3: Creating NASA and the Space Race
Chapter 4: Renovation and Revolution
Chapter 5: Cold War Revival and Ideological Muddle
Chapter 6: The Icarus Decade
Chapter 7: Caught in Irons
Chapter 8: Conclusion
Appendix: Aeronautics Budget
The NASA History Series
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