International Space Station Benefits for Humanity, 3rd Ed.
NASA Administration
Science & Math
International Space Station Benefits for Humanity, 3rd Ed.
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Executive Summary
Economic Valuation of the International Space Station
International Space Station Economic Value
From Research and Development to Tangible Benefits
Description of Valuation Process
Valuation Results
From New Knowledge to Potential Application: Generating Prospective Benefits on the International Space Station
From Emerging Application to Mature Capabilities: Retrospective Benefits
Air Filtration
Earth Imaging
Earth Observation Data
Protein Crystal Growth
Robotic Surgery
The Emerging Commercial Marketplace in Low-Earth Orbit
Space Access
Commercial Research, Research Facilities and Integration Services
International Space Station Role in Small Satellite Market Development
International Space Station Partner Perspectives
Canadian Space Agency
European Space Agency
Italian Space Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
ROSCOSMOS State Corporation for Space Activities
International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Summation Valuation Findings
Findings and Providers
Summaries of Valuation Findings
ISS Commercial Research Providers
Scientific Valuation of the International Space Station
International Space Station Scientific Value
Publication Metrics from the International Space Station Results
Global Impacts on Science
Interdisciplinary Impacts on Science
Scientific Highlights from the International Space Station
Physiological Systems
Biology and Biomedicine
Plant Biology and Bioregenerative Life Support
Materials, Fluids and Combustion
Elucidation of Space and Observations of Earth
In Summary
References Cited
Economic Development of Space
Growing the Space Economy with Public-Private Partnerships
Enabling Commercial Launch Providers
Finding the Keys in Space to Treat Diseases on Earth
Managing the International Space Station National Lab
Piloting a New Procurement Paradigm
A New Approach to Radiation Hardening Computers
Commercial Research, Facilities and Service Providers
Commercial Partners Expanding International Space Station Research Capabilities
Research in a Box*
Made In Space—Building a Better Optical Fiber
Small Business Makes Big Strides in Commercialization of Low-Earth Orbit
European Space Agency ICE Cubes
The Commercial Multi-use Variable-g Platform
Mixing Up Better Products in Microgravity
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Particles ACE a Test in Stability
Combating Muscular Atrophy with Implantable Devices
The Small Satellite Revolution
Small to Big: Enabling a Growing SmallSat Marketplace
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Photography—From Another “Planet” to Ours
Jumpstarting the CubeSat Revolution*
Tropical Cyclone in Sight*
Keeping an Eye on Algae from Space
Innovative Technology
Fluids and Clean Water
More Efficient, Lightweight Water Filtration Technologies in Space and on Earth
Economic Valuation Sidebar: New Technologies Give Tap Water, and Other Markets, the “Treatment”
Advanced NASA Technology Supports Water Purification Efforts Worldwide
Space Station-Inspired mWater App Identifies Healthy Water Sources
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Testing—and Verifying—the Waters
Economic Valuation Sidebar: New Filtering Technology “Sweats the Small Stuff”
Commercial Applications from Microbial Filtration in Space
Space-tested Fluid Flow Advances Infectious Disease Diagnoses
Improved Oil Exploitation Strategies
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Good Vibrations…and Their Effect on Liquid
Improved Industrial Casting Models and Casting Processes
Clothes “Made In Space”
Sleepwear with a Purpose
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Sleep Monitoring Receives a Valuable “Wake-up Call”
Three-dimensional Bioprinting in Space
International Space Experiments: PARSEC and MULTIPHAS
Levitating and Melting Materials using Coulomb Force Without a Container
Transportation Technology
Automating a Better Rendezvous in Space
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Three-dimensional Technology Offers Clarity in the “Foggiest” of Situations
Cool Flame Research Aboard the Space Station may Lead to a Cleaner Environment on Earth
Space Station Technology Demonstration Could Boost a New Era of Satellite Servicing
Robonaut’s Potential Shines in Multiple Space, Medical and Industrial Applications
Imaging Technologies
Space in 3-D
New Ways to Analyze and Use Images from Space
Artificial Intelligence for Solving Crime
Small Computers Tackle Big Tasks in Space
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Q-Card Processors Cast a Wide Net to Collect Emissions Data
Beyond the Cloud: Data Processing from Low-Earth Orbit
Human Health
Health Technology
Space Station Robotic Arms Have a Long Reach
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Applying Space Technology used to Power Automated Surgery
Robotic Arms Lend a Healing Touch
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Humans and Robots: A Partnership with Myriad Medical Benefits
Robots from Space Lead to One-stop Breast Cancer Diagnosis Treatment
Improved Eye Surgery with Space Hardware
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Robotics Help Bring Eye Surgery into Greater Focus
The Art—and Science—of Detecting Chromosome Damage
Economic Valuation Sidebar: NASA Twins Study Used to Validate Chromosomal Painting Technology
Sensor Technologies for High-pressure Jobs and Operations
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Non-invasive Sensors get to the “Core” of Body Temperature Changes
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Sweat the Small Stuff: Minor Changes in Core Body Temperature Impair Performance
Non-invasive Collection of Saliva Helps Monitor Stress Levels in Real Time
Cold Plasmas Assist in Wound Healing
Economic Valuation Sidebar: The Hottest New Technology: Cold Plasma
Understanding Asthma from Space
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Measurable Monitoring Technology; Immeasurable Possibilities
Bringing Space Station Ultrasound to the Ends of the Earth
Giving Voice to People with Disabilities
Economic Valuation Sidebar: When it Comes to Communication, the Eyes Have It
Preventing Bone Loss
Preventing Bone Loss in Spaceflight with Prophylactic use of Bisphosphonate: Health Promotion of the Elderly by Space Medicine Technologies
Improved Scanning Technologies and Insights into Osteoporosis
Add Salt? Astronauts’ Bones Say Please Don’t.
Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Health: Preventing Bone Loss in Space Helps Health Promotion of the Elderly on Earth
Immune Defenses
Tackling Immune System Dysfunction—from Multiple Angles
Early Detection of Immune Changes Prevents Painful Shingles in Astronauts and in Earthbound Patients
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: With Latent Viruses, the Best Defense is a Strong Offense
Monitoring and Understanding Astronaut Immune Systems in Spaceflight
Space Station Immunology Insights for Earth and Space
Targeted Treatments Improve Immune Response
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Genetic Markers Tell a Valuable Story about Astronaut Health
Developing New Therapies
Getting to the Bottom of Humans’ Greatest Infection: Periodontal Disease
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Protein Crystal Growth in Space Shows Pathway to Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy Treatment
Improving Treatments With Tiny Crystals
Using Ultrasound to Zap Kidney Stones and Other Health Problems in Space
Cancer-targeted Treatments from Space Station Discoveries
Using Weightlessness to Treat Multiple Ailments
Food and the Environment
Microbiology Applications from Fungal Research in Space
Experiments with Higher Plants on the Russian Segment of the International Space Station
Plant Growth on the International Space Station has Global Impacts on Earth
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Air Purifier Technology Helps Prevent Global Food Waste
Heart Health and Biorhythms
Space Cardiology for the Benefit of Health Care
Vascular Studies in Space: Good for Everyone’s Heart
Dressing Astronauts for Return to Earth
Innovative Space-based Device Promotes Restful Sleep on Earth
Improving Balance and Movement
New Technology Simulates Microgravity and Improves Balance on Earth
Countering Neurological Maladaptation
New Way to Assess Neurovestibular System Health in Space Also Benefits Those on Earth
Space Research Leads to Non-pharmacological Treatment and Prevention of Vertigo, Dizziness and Equilibrium Disturbances
Space Technologies in Rehabilitation Practice
Earth Observation and Disaster Response
Environmental Earth Observations
Earth Remote Sensing from the International Space Station
Tracking Global Marine Traffic and Saving Lives
Economic Valuation Sidebar: Satellite-Based Receivers Provide Expanded Cover
Visual and Instrumental Scientific Observation of the Ocean from Space
Improving Climate Models on Earth
Microwave Radiometry—Passive Remote Sensing of the Earth in Decimeter Wavelength Range
Disaster Response
Clear High-definition Images Aid Disaster Response
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Transluminous Events Offer Valuable Insight
Global Education
Inquiry-based Learning
JAXA Seeds in Space
Students Photograph Earth from Space
Tomatosphere™: Sowing the Seeds of Discovery through Student Science
Asian Try Zero-G 2018: Igniting the Passion of the Next Generation in the Asia-Pacific Region
HUNCH about Student Success in Engineering?
Genes in Space-3 Successfully Identifies Unknown Microbes in Space
Inspiring Youth with Science in Space
Spacecraft and Modern Technologies of Personal and International Communication Links in Education
Asian Students Work with Astronauts in Space Missions
Scientific Valuation Sidebar: Students Study Seeds Flown in Space
Students Study Macroparticles in Microgravity (Space Experiment “Coulomb Crystal”)
MAI-75 Experiment, Main Results and Prospects for Development in Education
Educational Benefits of the Space Experiment Shadow-beacon on the International Space Station
Link to Archived Stories and Videos
Scientific Valuation Sidebar Citations
Authors and Principal Investigators by Section
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