Hubble Focus: The Lives of Stars
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Hubble Focus: The Lives of Stars
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About the Hubble Space Telescope
CHAPTER 1: Star Birth and Planet Formation
Gathering Clues to a Star System’s Breakup
Puzzling Out Star Formation in the Early Universe
Uncovering Brown Dwarfs in the Orion Nebula
Spotting a Huge Dusty Disk around the Young Star HR 4796A
Exploring Shadows Cast by a Planet-Forming Disk around a Fledgling Star
Watching Stars Burst into Life from a Close Galactic Encounter
Observing Star Birth Fueled by a Supermassive Black Hole
CHAPTER 2: Star Death
Finding Comet Pollution in a White Dwarf’s Atmosphere
Repurposing a Century-Old Experiment to Find a White Dwarf’s Mass
Searching for the Stellar Survivor of a Supernova Explosion
Exposing a Supernova’s Companion as a Stellar Thief
Finding the Elusive Star behind a Supernova
Detecting Never-Before-Seen Features around a Neutron Star
Discovering the Birth of a Black Hole from a Failed Supernova
Providing a Holistic View of Stars Gone Haywire
Tracking Down the Source of Betelgeuse's Mysterious Dimming
CHAPTER 3: Star Clusters
Measuring the Distance to an Ancient Globular Star Cluster
Unveiling Thousands of Globular Star Clusters
Weighing Our Milky Way Galaxy
Tracing the Evolution of Star Clusters
CHAPTER 4: Stars as Cosmic Tools
Pinpointing the Source of Gravitational Waves
Revealing Clues about Our Galaxy’s Formation
Using a Cosmic Quirk to Expose the Farthest Star Ever Seen
Painting a Picture of the Evolving Universe
Making a Surprising Find in the Early Universe
Confirming a Discrepancy in the Universe’s Expansion Rate
Deepening the Mystery of the Universe’s Expansion Rate
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