Were You Ever a Child?

Were You Ever a Child?

By Floyd Dell
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Were You Ever a Child?
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Were You Ever a Child?
  • I. The Child
  • II. The School Building
  • III. The Teacher
  • IV. The Book
  • V. The Magic Theory of Education
  • VI. The Caste System of Education
  • VII. The Canonization of Book-Magic
  • VIII. The Conquest of Culture in America
  • IX. Smith, Jones and Robinson
  • X. Employer vs. Trade Unionist
  • XI. The Goose-Step
  • XII. The Gary Plan
  • XIII. Learning to Work
  • XIV. Learning to Play
  • XV. First and Last Things
  • XVI. The Child as Artist
  • XVII. The Artist as a Child
  • XVIII. The Drama of Education
  • XIX. The Drama of Life
  • XX. Curiosity
  • XXI. The Right to be Wrong
  • XXII. Enterprise
  • XXIII. Democracy
  • XXIV. Responsibility
  • XXV. Love
  • XXVI. Education in 1947 A. D.
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