The Birth of NASA. The Diary of T. Keith Glennan
Thomas Keith Glennan, Roger D. Launius
Biographies & Memoirs
The Birth of NASA. The Diary of T. Keith Glennan
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"The Birth of NASA: The Diary of T. Keith Glennan" tells the story of the critical formative months of the new agency. The Introduction describes the background of T. Keith Glennan, the first NASA Administrator. After the Introduction, the book continues with Glennan's recollections of NASA from his appointment until the end of 1959. The 13 chapters are written in a diary format covering month-by-months his activities until he left the position in 1961. A Postscript, written in 1963, gives his views on the space program after he left office. A Biographical Appendix gives short sketches of about 400 individuals active in the space program during this period. Throughout the diary numerous explanatory footnotes by the editor clarify events an provide references for further details. Although Glennan's stay at NASA was short, his contributions are most significant, as he built the organization that would send men to the moon and serve the nation to the present time.

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