Anne Tindale
Science & Math
Concise Revision Course: CSEC® Biology
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The CSEC® Biology Concise Revision Course provides full coverage of the CSEC® Biology syllabus. This book provides comprehensive and authoritative guidance for the course. It adopts a practical, supportive approach to help students with their learning. Revision exam and assessment guidance questions throughout consolidate this learning.

• Full coverage of the CSEC® Biology course

• Advice on organising your revision includes tips on exam technique, explanations of exam command words, and guidance on drawing graphs, tables and diagrams

• Revision questions at the end of each topic help to secure knowledge and understanding

• Exam-style questions at the end of each section provide effective practice for the actual exam

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The pathway to success
1 An introduction to living organisms
The characteristics of living organisms
Classification of living organisms
Revision questions
2 Living organisms in their environment
Carrying out an ecological study
The impact of abiotic factors on living organisms
Revision questions
3 Interrelationships between living organisms
Feeding relationships
Symbiotic relationships
Other interrelationships
Energy flow in ecosystems
Revision questions
4 The impact of humans on the environment
The impact of human activities on natural resources
The negative impact of human activity on the environment
Conservation and restoration of the environment
The growth and survival of populations
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 1 to 4
5 Cells
Plant and animal cells
Microbe cells
Cell specialisation
Revision questions
Movement of substances into and out of cells
Revision questions
6 The chemistry of living organisms
Recognising carbohydrates, proteins and lipids
Revision questions
7 Nutrition
The types of nutrition
Photosynthesis in green plants
Mineral nutrition in plants
Revision questions
Heterotrophic nutrition in humans
A balanced diet
Diet and the treatment andcontrol of disease
Revision questions
Digestion in humans
Control of blood glucose levels
Revision questions
8 Respiration and gaseous exchange
Revision questions
Gaseous exchange and breathing
Breathing and gaseous exchange in humans
The gaseous exchange surface in a fish
Gaseous exchange in flowering plants
The effects of smoking
Revision questions
9 Transport systems
Transport systems in multicellular organisms
The circulatory system in humans
Blood and defence againstdisease
Blood vessels
The heart
Revision questions
Transport systems in flowering plants
Movement of water through a flowering plant
Movement of mineral salts through a flowering plant
Storage of food in living organisms
Revision questions
10 Excretion and osmoregulation
The kidneys and excretion in humans
Osmoregulation in humans
Kidney failure and dialysis
Revision questions
11 Movement
Types of movement
The human skeleton
Functions of the human skeleton
Movement in humans
Movement of the human forelimb
The importance of locomotion in animals
Revision questions
12 Irritability
Responses of green plants to stimuli
Responses of invertebrates
The nervous system of humans
Simple reflex actions
The human brain
Physiological effects of drug abuse
Social and economic effects of drug abuse
Revision questions
The human eye
Sight defects and how they are corrected
The human skin
Revision questions
13 Growth
Methods of measuring growth
Growth in plants
A comparison of growth in plants and animals
Revision questions
14 Reproduction
Asexual and sexual reproduction compared
Sexual reproduction in humans
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Revision question
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
Fertilisation in flowering plants
Revision questions
15 Disease
Vectors and the spread of pathogenic diseases
Treatment and control of disease
Physiological diseases
Social, environmental and economic implications of disease
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 5 to 15
16 Inheritance and variation
An introduction to chromosomes and genes
Cell division
Revision questions
Pedigree charts
Mechanism of sex determination
Sex-linked characteristics
Some important genetic terms
Revision questions
17 Species, selection and genetic engineering
The formation of new species – speciation
Extinction of species
The role of natural selection in biological evolution
Artificial selection
Genetic engineering
Other applications of gene technology
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 16 to 17
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