CAPE® Revision Guide: Communication Studies

CAPE® Revision Guide: Communication Studies

By Natalee Cole, Brenda Lee Browne
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Book Description

Collins CAPE Revision Guides focus on the content and skills students need to master for success in CAPE examinations. They cover all aspects of the syllabus and provide excellent help with exam preparation.
Collins CAPE Revision Guide – COMMUNICATION STUDIES is an essential title for all students sitting the CAPE COMMUNICATION STUDIES exam. With clear and accessible information, practice questions, and exam tips throughout, this is an invaluable resource to help students prepare for the exam.

The revision guide gives advice and guidance on techniques for the Paper 1 multiple choice questions, Paper 2, and the school-based-assessment. It also gives clear and comprehensive coverage of each module of the syllabus. Accompanying audio files are available online for listening and comprehension practice.

• Full coverage of the exam syllabus

• Guidance on techniques for Papers 1 and 2 and the school-based assessment • Clear, succinct explanations of core concepts

• Practice multiple choice questions with answers at the back

• Example essay questions

• Exam tips

• Practical advice and guidance to help students do well in the exam

The guide for Communication Studies is my "Bible" for teaching this subject and I recommend it to all my students over and above the other texts. ... No other guide is so clear and concise.
Saadiqa Khan, Communication Studies Lecturer, UWI Open Campus, St Augustine, Trinidad

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • 1 Techniques for Paper 1
    • Introduction
    • Techniques for Section A
    • Techniques for Section B
    • Worked examples
    • More worked examples
    • Time management
  • 2 Module 1: Gathering and Processing Information
    • Introduction
    • Discourse types
    • Levels of comprehension
    • Writing summaries
    • Data collection methods and instruments
    • Evaluating information
    • Module 1 Practice questions for Paper 1
  • 3 Module 2: Language and Community
    • Introduction
    • Language
    • Creole and Creole-influenced vernacular
    • Language in society
    • Language and Caribbean identity
    • The language situation in the Caribbean
    • Use of language
    • The role of technology in communication
    • Module 2 Practice questions for Paper 1
  • 4 Module 3: Speaking and Writing
    • Introduction
    • The communication process
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    • The mental and social processes of communication
    • Channels of communication
    • Organising and formatting strategies for oral and written communication
    • Information communication technologies and the learning process
    • Module 3 Practice questions for Paper 1
  • 5 Techniques for Paper 2
    • Introduction
    • Writing the Paper 2 essays
    • The Module 1 essay
    • The Module 2 essay
    • The Module 3 essay
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