The Forest Farm Tales of the Austrian Tyrol

The Forest Farm Tales of the Austrian Tyrol

By Peter Rosegger
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Forest Farm
  • Contents
  • Rosegger: An Appreciation
  • Peter Rosegger A Biographical Note
    • I
    • II
  • I My Father and I
  • II How I Gave God My Sunday Jacket
  • III Christmas Eve
  • IV A Last Will and Testament
  • V How Little Maxel's House was Burned Down
  • VI Three Hundred and Sixty-four Nights and a Night
  • VII How the White Kid Died
  • VIII Children of the World in the Forest
  • IX How Meisensepp Died
  • X The Corpus Christi Altar
  • XI About Kickel, who went to Prison
  • XII How I Came to the Plough
  • XIII The Recruit
  • XIV A Forgotten Land
  • XV The Schoolmaster
  • XVI The Stag on the Wall[17]
  • XVII Forest-Lily in the Snow
  • XVIII The Sacred Cornfield
  • XIX About my Mother
    • I
    • II
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