Caribbean Journal of Criminology Volume 3 Issue 1

Caribbean Journal of Criminology Volume 3 Issue 1

By Tarik Weekes, Tres-Ann Kremer
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Book Description

The Caribbean Journal of Criminology (CJC), a publication of the Institute of Criminal Justice and Security (ICJS), The University of the West Indies (UWI), is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, published annually, and financed by the four campuses of The UWI. The CJC primarily aims to promote critical examination of the complex and persistent crime and security problems in the Caribbean. The Journal succeeds two previous journals which focussed on the discipline of criminology in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Social Psychology and the Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Public Safety.

Table of Contents
  • CJC_2021_01_Frontmatter_CJC_2_2
  • CJC-2021_1_Maguire
    • Editorial: International Research Collaborations in the Caribbean
      • Summary of Contributions
      • Emergent Themes
      • Conclusion
      • References
  • CJC-2021_2
    • Confronting Silences Haunting Guyana's Juvenile Justice System
      • Introduction
      • Methodology
      • Constructions of Juvenile Delinquency in the Colonial Period
      • Transitional Period: 1950s to Mid-1960s
      • Post-Independence Colonial Hauntings in the Criminalization of Children
      • Education, Vocation and Rehabilation at the NOC in the Twenty-First Century
      • Reflecting on Coloniality and Hauntology
      • References
  • CJC-2021_3
    • Cut and Paste Policing? An Assessment of Compstat's Importation and Implementation in a Developing Country
      • Introduction
      • Transnational Transfer of Criminology Policy and Practice
      • The Problems of North-South Policy Transfer
      • Context and Conditions of Crime and Crime Control
      • Methodology
        • Results and Discussion
          • Resource constraints
          • Faulty information pipeline
          • Top-down control of data and decision-making
        • Lack of accountability
      • Conclusion and Recommendations
      • References
  • CJC-2021_4_Adams
    • Interrupting Gang Violence in Urban Trinidad through Conflict Mediation
      • Introduction
      • Review of Relevant Literature
        • Gang violence in Trinidad's capital
        • Strategies to intervene in gang violence
      • Methodology
        • Research strategy
        • Analytical strategy
      • Results
        • Characteristics of violence interveners
          • Street crime adjacent
          • Community trusted insiders
          • Cannot work as informants
        • Intervening in neighbourhood problems
        • Intervening in community violence
          • Talking them down
          • Keeping them safe
        • The role of the police
      • Discussion
      • Conclusion
      • References
  • CJC-2021_5_Katz
    • Policy Note: Enhancing the Capacity for Data-Driven Decision-Making on Citizen Security across the English-Speaking Caribbean: A Case Study of CariSECURE
      • Introduction
      • Capacity for Data-Driven Citizen Security Decision-Making Prior to CariSECURE
      • Strengthening Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Citizen Security in the Caribbean through Policy Planning and Implementation
        • Strategy and policy development
        • Policy revision and enactment
        • Policy implementation
          • Increasing capacity for data standardization and collection
          • Creating capacity to analyse data to inform policy
          • Creating capacity to understand the ``dark figure of crime'' to inform policy
          • The Regional Crime Observatory
          • Increasing evidence on youth crime and violence to improve decision-making
      • Conclusions and Implications for the Future
      • Conclusions and Implications for the Future
      • References
  • CJC-2021_6_Reid
  • CJC-2021_7_Harriott
    • Editorial - Farewell from Former Editor
      • The accomplishments Understated
      • The Challenges
      • References
  • CJC-2021_8_Notes on Contributors
  • CJC-2021_9
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