Humphrey Bold A Story of the Times of Benbow
Herbert Strang
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Humphrey Bold A Story of the Times of Benbow
The Project Gutenberg eBook, Humphrey Bold, by Herbert Strang
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Humphrey Bold
A Story of the Time of Benbow
Chapter 1: The Wyle Cop.
Chapter 2: Joe Breaks His Indentures.
Chapter 3: I Meet The Mohocks.
Chapter 4: Captain John Benbow.
Chapter 5: I Lose My Best Friend.
Chapter 6: I Take Articles.
Chapter 7: A Crown Piece.
Chapter 8: I Fall Among Thieves.
Chapter 9: Good Samaritans.
Chapter 10: The Shuttered Coach.
Chapter 11: I Hold A Turnpike.
Chapter 12: I Come To Bristowe--And Leave Unwillingly.
Chapter 13: Duguay-Trouin.
Chapter 14: Harmony And Some Discord.
Chapter 15: The Bass Viol.
Chapter 16: Across The Moat.
Chapter 17: Exchanges.
Chapter 18: In The Name Of King Lewis.
Chapter 19: I Fight Duguay-Trouin.
Chapter 20: The King's Commission.
Chapter 21: I Meet Dick Cludde.
Chapter 22: I Walk Into A Snare.
Chapter 23: Uncle Moses.
Chapter 24: I Make A Bid For Liberty.
Chapter 25: I Spend Cludde's Crown Piece.
Chapter 26: We Hold A Council Of War.
Chapter 27: Some Successes And A Rebuff.
Chapter 28: I Cut The Enemy's Cables.
Chapter 29: We Bombard The Brig.
Chapter 30: The Six Days' Battle.
Chapter 31: The Cockpit.
Chapter 32: I Become Bold.
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