Tom Cringle's Log

By Michael Scott
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • (1789—1835)
  • CHAPTER I.—The Launching of the Log.
  • CHAPTER II.—The Cruise of the Torch.
  • CHAPTER III.—The Quenching of the Torch.
  • CHAPTER IV.—Scenes on the Costa Firme.
  • CHAPTER V.—The Piccaroon
  • CHAPTER VI.—The Cruise of the Spark
  • CHAPTER VII.—Scenes in Jamaica
  • CHAPTER VIII.—The Chase of the Smuggler
  • CHAPTER IX.—Cuba Fishermen
  • CHAPTER X.—Vomito Prieto.
  • CHAPTER XI.—More Scenes in Jamaica.
  • CHAPTER XII.—The Cruise o the Firebrand
  • CHAPTER XIII.—The Pirate's Leman
  • CHAPTER XIV.—Scenes in Cuba
  • CHAPTER XV.—The Cruise of the Wave. The Action with the Slaver.
  • CHAPTER XVI.—The Second Cruise of the Wave
  • CHAPTER XVII.—The Third Cruise of the Wave
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Tropical High-links
  • CHAPTER XIX.—The Last of the Log—Tom Cringle's Farewell.
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