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In Search of the Castaways
Jules Verne
In Search of the Castaways

A Scottish lord and lady set off on a quest to find and rescue the shipwrecked Captain Grant.

I: The Shark
II: The Three Documents
III: The Captain’s Children
IV: Lady Glenarvan’s Proposal
V: The Departure of the Duncan
VI: An Unexpected Passenger
VII: Jacques Paganel Is Undeceived
VIII: The Geographer’s Resolution
IX: Through the Strait of Magellan
X: The Course Decided
XI: Traveling in Chile
XII: Eleven Thousand Feet Aloft
XIII: A Sudden Descent
XIV: Providentially Rescued
XV: Thalcave
XVI: News of the Lost Captain
XVII: A Serious Necessity
XVIII: In Search of Water
XIX: The Red Wolves
XX: Strange Signs
XXI: A False Trail
XXII: The Flood
XXIII: A Singular Abode
XXIV: Paganel’s Disclosure
XXV: Between Fire and Water
XXVI: The Return on Board
XXVII: A New Destination
XXVIII: Tristan d’Acunha and the Isle of Amsterdam
XXIX: The Storm on the Indian Ocean
XXX: A Hospitable Colonist
XXXI: The Quartermaster of the Britannia
XXXII: Preparations for the Journey
XXXIII: An Accident
XXXIV: Australian Explorers
XXXV: Crime or Calamity?
XXXVI: Fresh Faces
XXXVII: A Warning
XXXVIII: Wealth in the Wilderness
XXXIX: Suspicious Occurrences
XL: A Startling Discovery
XLI: The Plot Unveiled
XLII: Four Days of Anguish
XLIII: Helpless and Hopeless
XLIV: A Rough Captain
XLV: The Wreck of the Macquarie
XLVI: Vain Efforts
XLVII: A Dreaded Country
XLVIII: Introduction to the Cannibals
XLIX: A Momentous Interview
L: The Chief’s Funeral
LI: Strangely Liberated
LII: The Sacred Mountain
LIII: A Bold Stratagem
LIV: From Peril to Safety
LV: Why the Duncan Went to New Zealand
LVI: Ayrton’s Obstinacy
LVII: A Discouraging Confession
LVIII: A Cry in the Night
LIX: Captain Grant’s Story
LX: Paganel’s Last Entanglement
LXI: The End
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