Wulnoth the Wanderer A Story of King Alfred of England

Wulnoth the Wanderer A Story of King Alfred of England

By Herbert Escott-Inman
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I How Wyborga the Wise spoke with King Hardacnute
  • CHAPTER II How Wulnoth saved Edgiva from the Bear
  • CHAPTER III How Wulnoth journeyed by the Birds' Road
  • CHAPTER IV The Coming of Hungwar and Hubba
  • CHAPTER V Of Wulnoth's Schooling
  • CHAPTER VI Of Wulnoth's Strange Wrestling in the Place of Desolation
  • CHAPTER VII Of the Coming of Wulnoth to the Danish Sea-kings
  • CHAPTER VIII Of what befell Wulnoth in the Halls of the Danes
  • CHAPTER IX How the Sea-kings sailed for East Anglia
  • CHAPTER X Of the Slaying of Edmund, the King of the East Saxons
  • CHAPTER XI How Wulnoth met with Wyborga again
  • CHAPTER XII How Wulnoth and Wahrmund visited the Christian Church
  • CHAPTER XIII Of How Wulnoth met with Edgiva again
  • CHAPTER XIV How Wahrmund the Dane gave his Life for Wulnoth
  • CHAPTER XV How Wulnoth came to Alfred
  • CHAPTER XVI How the Men of Wessex fought the Danes
  • CHAPTER XVII The Passing of Ethelred the King
  • CHAPTER XVIII Of the Coming back of Guthrun
  • CHAPTER XIX Of the Capturing of the Raven Banner
  • CHAPTER XX Of the Hunting of the Ring
  • CHAPTER XXI Of the Gleeman who visited the Danish Camp
  • CHAPTER XXII The Battle of Ethandune
  • CHAPTER XXIII How Hungwar was slain, and the Danes became Christians
  • CHAPTER XXIV How Wulnoth met with Guthred again
  • CHAPTER XXV The Crowning of Guthred
  • CHAPTER XXVI Of the Wedding of Wulnoth and Edgiva
  • Transcriber's Notes
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