The Admiral A Romance of Nelson in the Year of the Nile

The Admiral A Romance of Nelson in the Year of the Nile

By Douglas Sladen
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Admiral A Romance of Nelson in the Year of the Nile
  • NOTE.
  • Preface.
  • Contents.
  • Prologue.—Introducing the Reader to the Lady Katherine Fleet.
  • Chapter I.—Of the finding of Lord Nelson’s Journal.
  • Chapter II.—Introducing the Admiral.
  • Chapter III.—Of the Letters of a Boy and a Girl.
  • Chapter IV.—Of our Entry into Syracuse.
  • Chapter V.—In which Will has his first Chance, and his first Escapade, and his first Meeting with the Princess of Favara.
  • Chapter VI.—At the Fountain of Cyané and the Papyrus Beds of the Anapo.
  • Chapter VII.—Satisfying a Prince’s Honour.
  • Chapter VIII.—Of the Battle of the Nile, on the First of August, 1798.
  • Chapter IX.—How the Admiral began his friendship with Lady Hamilton.
  • Chapter X.—What happened at the Ball given by Lady Hamilton in honour of the Admiral.
  • Chapter XI.—How the Admiral entered the maze of Neapolitan Politics.
  • Chapter XII.[3]—Of a Visit to Pompeji in 1798, in which there were Lovers, and of the Supper in the Inn at Resina.
  • Chapter XIII.—Of the Supper at the Palace that followed.
  • Chapter XIV.—What the Admiral wrote of My Lady in his Journal.
  • Chapter XV.—Of the Voyage to Malta, with the Account of what happened at Caserta.
  • Chapter XVI.—What the Admiral wrote in his Journal about Love.
  • Chapter XVII.—Which the Idle Reader may skip, as Politics. It sets forth the Cowardice and unravels the Intrigues which led to the Fall of Naples.
  • Chapter XVIII.—How the Neapolitans declared War, and how they waged it.
  • Chapter XIX.—How Two Millions and a half of Treasure were smuggled from the Palace to the British Ambassador’s.
  • Chapter XX.—How the Vanguard took the Royal Family to Palermo in the greatest Storm The Admiral ever knew.
  • Chapter XXI.—How Will was entertained by the Princess at her Palace of the Favara.[7]
  • Chapter XXII.—How all Europe was at Sixes and Sevens.
  • Chapter XXIII.—Of the Love of the Admiral and My Lady.
  • Chapter XXIV.—How the Admiral went to the Favara, and the Prophecy began its Fulfilment.
  • Chapter XXV.—How the Admiral took Naples, and of the Hanging of Caracciolo.
  • Chapter XXVI.—Of the strange Plight in which Will found Katherine.
  • Chapter XXVII.—Of the Death of Donna Rusidda, the Resurrection of Caracciolo, and the Happy Ending.
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