Forest and Frontiers; Or, Adventures Among the Indians

Forest and Frontiers; Or, Adventures Among the Indians

By Unknown
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Thrilling stories.
  • Mr. Cumming's attack on four lions
    • Mr. Cumming Hunting Rhinoceroses.
    • Encounter with a Lioness.
    • Hunting the Blauwbok and Buffalo.
    • Adventures with snakes.
    • Contests with Large Snakes
    • Adventure with Buffalo and Elephant.
    • Hunting the Orix and the Lion.
    • Hunting the Giraffe.
    • M'Dougal and the Indian
    • Contests with Jaguars
    • The Indian Parents.
    • Attack on Captain Ward's Boat
    • Massy Herbeson and her Family
    • A Nocturnal Adventure with Six Lions
    • Attacks on Brookfield and Deerfield.
    • Attack on Mrs. Scraggs's House.
    • Fearful Adventure with a man-eating lion.
    • Thrilling Adventures of Mr. Butler.
    • Robert and Samuel M'Afee.
    • A few days' Sport in Chinese Tartary.
    • Kangaroo Hunting.
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