Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner: The Records of an Eventful Life (Vol. 1 of 2)
Bertha von Suttner
Politics & Social Sciences
Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner: The Records of an Eventful Life (Vol. 1 of 2)
The Project Gutenberg eBook of Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner, by Bertha von Suttner
PART ONE 1843–1861
I CHILDHOOD My certificate of baptism · The revolution of 1848 · Landgrave Fürstenberg · The Feather Ball · Castle Matzen
II EARLY YOUTH Elvira · Playing “puff” · My mother’s singing · Clairvoyant Aunt Lotti · Roulette and trente-et-quarante · Castles in the air · My first journey · Season in Wiesbaden · Return · Grillparzer and Ebner-Eschenbach at Elvira’s · Radetzky’s death · A schoolgirl romance
III AN AUTOGRAPH ALBUM Anastasius Grün · Friedrich Halm · Grillparzer · Wagner · Lenau’s sister · Military autographs · King Ludwig of Bavaria · Schiller’s daughter · Liebig · Schücking · Mädler · Körner · Anderssen · Meyerbeer · Rückert · Hebbel · Gregorovius · Lamartine · Victor Hugo · Manzoni · Dickens
IV MORE EPISODES OF YOUTH The War of 1859 · A prank · Elvira’s marriage
PART THREE 1873–1876
XV IN THE SUTTNER HOUSE Resolve to take a position · The Suttner family · Artur Gundaccar von Suttner · Life in the Vienna palais and in Schloss Harmannsdorf · The Exposition year · Secret love · Letters from the Princess of Mingrelia · Marriage of Prince Niko · Zogelsdorf quarry · Three happy years · I tear myself away · Departure
XVI THE ZENITH OF HAPPINESS Arrival in Paris · Alfred Nobel’s personality · Unendurable agony of separation · Two dispatches · A plan of action · Arrival at Vienna · Blissful meeting · At last and forever united
PART FOUR 1876–1885
XVII WEDDING JOURNEY On the Black Sea · Jason mood · Arrival in Asia · The hotel in Poti · Kutais· Count Rosmorduc · Reception at Prince Zeretelli’s · National dances · Journey to Gordi · Prince Niko with escort comes to meet us · Arrival at Gordi · Ceremonious reception
XVIII IN KUTAIS (1877) Lessons · Rumors of war and outbreak of war · Red Cross fever · The plague on the horizon · Bad times · Conclusion of peace · Mathilde · Beginning of literary career
XIX TIFLIS Another summer in Gordi · Business projects · Removal to Tiflis · Princess Tamara of Georgia · Our manner of life · Double position · Continued authorship · Illness
XX ZUGDIDI The capital of Mingrelia · Our little house · Labors on the Murat estate · Social life at the Murats’ and the Dedopali’s · Lonely summer at Zugdidi · New literary labors · Prototype of Es Löwos · New horizons · Study together
XXI OUR LAST DAYS IN THE CAUCASUS The Dedopali’s death · Death of my mother · Prospect of coming home · Translation of “The Tiger’s Skin” · Sojourn in a Mingrelian village · A bit of Georgian history · Queen Tamara
PART FIVE 1885–1890
XXII AT HOME Departure from the Caucasus · First destination, Görz · Return to Harmannsdorf · Family life and neighborly visits · Literary correspondence · Writers’ convention in Berlin
XXIII A WINTER IN PARIS Schriftstellerroman and Das Maschinenzeitalter · Journey to Paris · Renewed acquaintance with Alfred Nobel · The Schnäbele affair · Madame Adam’s salon · Princess Tamara of Georgia in Paris · Max Nordau · A ball in the Palais of the Revue des deux mondes · Victor Cherbuliez · Ludovic Halévy · Alphonse Daudet
XXIV THERE IS A PEACE MOVEMENT Return from Paris · International Peace Association · Das Maschinenzeitalter by “Jemand” · Anonymity attains its end · Bartholomäus von Carneri · At the Carneri table · In the Hotel Meissl
XXV DIE WAFFEN NIEDER How the plan for the book originated · Study of sources · The model of my hero · Satisfaction in writing the word “End” · Unanimously rejected by the editors · The publisher’s scruples · Publication · How the book was received · Favorable and hostile criticisms · Personal contact with the peace movement resulting from the novel · The peace congress of 1889 in Paris · Founding of Interparliamentary Union
XXVI INTERCOURSE WITH FRIENDS In port · Trip to Vienna · Literary circles · Balduin Groller · Theodor Herzl · Letter from Count Hoyos · Letter from Friedrich Bodenstedt
XXVII MENTONE AND VENICE The news of the Crown Prince’s death · Sojourn in Mentone · Octave Mirbeau · A winter in Venice · Old acquaintances · Princess Tamara and Marietta Saibante · Visit of Felix Moscheles to the widow “Tillings” · Moscheles as a peace propagandist · Formation of a section in Venice through Marquis Pandolfi · Grelix · The Princess of Montenegro · Princess Hatzfeld, born Von Buch · A memory of Cosima Wagner
PART SIX 1890–1891
XXVIII THE AUSTRIAN INTERPARLIAMENTARY GROUP IS FORMED Return · Skeptical reception of my reports · Resumption of our literary labors · Pandolfi suggests enlisting recruits in the Austrian parliament for the conference at Rome · Correspondence with members: Baron Kübeck, Pernerstorfer, Dr. Jaques, Dr. Exner · The group is formed, Baron Pirquet turning the scale
XXIX FOUNDING OF THE AUSTRIAN PEACE SOCIETY Appeal in the Neue Freie Presse · Response from the public · Adhesions and contributions of money · Prosper von Piette sends a thousand florins · Dr. Kunwald · Preliminary meeting · Joining the International League · Circular for the formation of a national union · Letter from the Duke of Oldenburg · Permanent organization · Voices from members of the world’s intellectual aristocracy
XXX UNION FOR RESISTANCE TO ANTI-SEMITISM A. G. von Suttner, Count Hoyos, Baron Leitenberger, and Professor Nothnagel found the Union · Article in the Neue Freie Presse
XXXI THE CONGRESS IN ROME Frame of mind · Life together in the Hotel Quirinal · General Türr and his career · Little revolution against Bonghi · Alsace-Lorraine · The Grelix couple · Baron Pirquet · Opening festival on the Capitol · Ruggero Bonghi as chairman · Weighty words · Founding of the Bern Central Bureau · Echoes · The monthly Die Waffen nieder is launched · A. H. Fried · “The Important Thing”
PART SEVEN 1892–1898
XXXII HOME AND FRIENDS We two · Business troubles · Deaths · Family life at Castle Stockern · Home theater · The twelfth of June · Visit of Prince André Dadiani
XXXIV IN BERLIN AND HAMBURG My review · Invitation to Berlin · A. H. Fried and his plans · The reading · The Berlin Tageblatt on a letter from Frédéric Passy · A banquet · Voices from the Press · Evening at Spielhagen’s · Dinner at Mosse’s · The Empress Frederick · Professor W. Meyer does us the honors of “Urania” · Excursion to Hamburg · An evening tea with Hans Land, Dr. Löwenberg, Otto Ernst, and Detlev von Liliencron · A letter of Liliencron’s
XXXV MORITZ VON EGIDY His confession of faith · Further development · Candidacy for the Reichstag · From his address to the electors · On the fear of revolution · Idealists in act · My first meeting with Egidy · Visit at his home · Consistency of preaching and practice · A letter from Egidy
XXXVI VARIOUS OPINIONS Letters from Alphonse Daudet, Paul Heyse, the Bishop of Durham, Ruggero Bonghi, and Count Kamarofski
XXXVII THE BERN SESSIONS Journey to Switzerland · Poem by Count Hoyos · Letter from Prince Camillo Starhemberg · Opening of the Congress · First impulse to arbitration treaties, from America · League of European states · Social life of the Congressists · Arturo de Marcoartu · Alfred Nobel complies with my invitation · On the Lake of Lucerne · A parable by Ruchonnet · Protest against distorted reports · A lively debate · Arrival of the Interparliamentarians · The Conference · A prophetic toast
XXXVIII VISIT TO ALFRED NOBEL Arrival at Zurich · Nobel begins to take an interest in the peace movement, and joins us · Trips on the lake · A glimpse into his views of life · His first project for an act in furtherance of the cause of peace
PART TWO 1862–1872
VI A SEASON IN HOMBURG VOR DER HÖHE Our way of living · My first singing lessons · The Princess of Mingrelia · Tsar Alexander II · Adelina Patti
VII HERACLIUS OF GEORGIA A disappointed dream of love
VIII NOVITIATE IN ART Back to Baden · Singing lessons · Great hopes · A test before Madame Viardot
IX THE YEAR 1866 Return · Elvira’s death · Fürstenberg’s death · The war · Homburg once more · Back to Baden · Baron Koller
X RESIDENCE IN PARIS Singing lessons resumed · Maître Duprez · The school in the Rue Laval · In the house of the Princess Mingrelia · In the imperial box at the opera · Summer at Duprez’s place in the country · Return to Paris · Princess Salomé’s engagement · Prince Achille Murat · The wedding · With the young couple · Off to Baden-Baden
XI SEASON IN BADEN-BADEN Resumption of trente-et-quarante · Baroness Seutter · Acquaintance with King William I of Prussia · A letter from the king
XII PARIS AGAIN Return to Paris · Renunciation of an artistic career · A dream of Australian gold · Betrothal of Heraclius of Georgia
XIII THE YEAR 1870–1871 Resumption of music study in Milan · Outbreak of the Franco-German War · My double existence in the world of books · Return of the victorious troops to Berlin
XIV PRINCE WITTGENSTEIN Duet practice and betrothal · Art journey and—end · Letters from Castle Wittgenstein
V ENTERING THE WORLD Engaged · The engagement ended · Baden · Marietta · Season in Rome · Carnival at Venice
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