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Phineas Redux
Anthony Trollope
Phineas Redux

A young Irishman returns to parliamentary life only to encounter obstacles which threaten to bring his aspirations to an untimely end.

I: Temptation
II: Harrington Hall
III: Gerard Maule
IV: Tankerville
V: Mr. Daubeny’s Great Move
VI: Phineas and His Old Friends
VII: Coming Home from Hunting
VIII: The Address
IX: The Debate
X: The Deserted Husband
XI: The Truant Wife
XII: Königstein
XIII: “I Have Got the Seat”
XIV: Trumpeton Wood
XV: “How Well You Knew!”
XVI: Copperhouse Cross and Broughton Spinnies
XVII: Madame Goesler’s Story
XVIII: Spooner of Spoon Hall
XIX: Something Out of the Way
XX: Phineas Again in London
XXI: Mr. Maule, Senior
XXII: “Purity of Morals, Finn”
XXIII: Macpherson’s Hotel
XXIV: Madame Goesler Is Sent For
XXV: “I Would Do It Now”
XXVI: The Duke’s Will
XXVII: An Editor’s Wrath
XXVIII: The First Thunderbolt
XXIX: The Spooner Correspondence
XXX: Regrets
XXXI: The Duke and Duchess in Town
XXXII: The World Becomes Cold
XXXIII: The Two Gladiators
XXXIV: The Universe
XXXV: Political Venom
XXXVI: Seventy-Two
XXXVII: The Conspiracy
XXXVIII: Once Again in Portman Square
XXXIX: Cagliostro
XL: The Prime Minister Is Hard Pressed
XLI: “I Hope I’m Not Distrusted”
XLII: Boulogne
XLIII: The Second Thunderbolt
XLIV: The Browborough Trial
XLV: Some Passages in the Life of Mr. Emilius
XLVI: The Quarrel
XLVII: What Came of the Quarrel
XLVIII: Mr. Maule’s Attempt
XLIX: Showing What Mrs. Bunce Said to the Policeman
L: What the Lords and Commons Said About the Murder
LI: “You Think It Shameful”
LII: Mr. Kennedy’s Will
LIII: None but the Brave Deserve the Fair
LIV: The Duchess Takes Counsel
LV: Phineas in Prison
LVI: The Meager Family
LVII: The Beginning of the Search for the Key and the Coat
LVIII: The Two Dukes
LIX: Mrs. Bonteen
LX: Two Days Before the Trial
LXI: The Beginning of the Trial
LXII: Lord Fawn’s Evidence
LXIII: Mr. Chaffanbrass for the Defence
LXIV: Confusion in the Court
LXV: “I Hate Her!”
LXVI: The Foreign Bludgeon
LXVII: The Verdict
LXVIII: Phineas After the Trial
LXIX: The Duke’s First Cousin
LXX: “I Will Not Go to Loughlinter”
LXXI: Phineas Finn Is Reelected
LXXII: The End of the Story of Mr. Emilius and Lady Eustace
LXXIII: Phineas Finn Returns to His Duties
LXXIV: At Matching
LXXV: The Trumpeton Feud Is Settled
LXXVI: Madame Goesler’s Legacy
LXXVII: Phineas Finn’s Success
LXXVIII: The Last Visit to Saulsby
LXXIX: At Last—At Last
LXXX: Conclusion
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