M. A. Malcolm
His Last Chance (His Last Hope Series, #3)
M. A. Malcolm
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His Last Chance (His Last Hope Series, #3)
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From M. A. Malcolm, author of award-winning Christian fiction, comes the third STANDALONE novel in the His Last Hope Series.

For decades, not only has retired U.S. Army Captain Isaiah Hendricks ignored the voice of God, but he's denounced any faith he may have had. Now serving as security manager for a luxury hotel in scenic Negril, Jamaica, Isaiah believes he's amassed what he needs without God: an enviable existence in which he answers to no one. But when he pays for the purchases of a beautiful acquaintance at a convenience store, Isaiah has no idea how his life is about to change.


Not long ago, Zoë-Grace Goodluck's father—a prominent deacon in the local church—died under questionable circumstances, creating ripples in his staunch Christian community and causing Zoë-Grace to doubt everything she thought she knew. When her "perfect" life implodes in the aftermath, actuary-turned-reluctant-professor Zoë-Grace must return home to support an emotionally distant mother whose love she barely feels. Desperate for creative ways to pique her math students' interest, Zoë-Grace silences her aversion to gambling and heads out to buy lottery tickets—which handsome Isaiah insists on purchasing.


When they win big, Zoë-Grace and Isaiah clash on how to handle not only their ideological differences concerning the jackpot, but the growing attraction between them, as well. Can Aunt Ruby's godly wisdom help them figure things out? And when the unthinkable separates them, will Isaiah and Zoë-Grace find each other again? Or will life's hills and valleys keep them away from God and each other?

Each book in the His Last Hope Series is a standalone novel. They can be read in any order, although years pass between the stories.

* Book 3 in the His Last Hope Series

* A standalone novel (the books in this series can be read in any order)

* Approximately 130,000 words

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