The Disputed V.C. A Tale of the Indian Mutiny

The Disputed V.C. A Tale of the Indian Mutiny

By Frederick P. Gibbon
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Table of Contents
  • THE DISPUTED V.C. A Tale of the Indian Mutiny BY FREDERICK P. GIBBON
  • Illustrations
  • CHAPTER I Ted Disapproves
  • CHAPTER II An Exciting Day
  • CHAPTER III Ted does not think much of the Guides
  • CHAPTER IV The Fanatics
  • CHAPTER V The Cad of the Regiment
  • CHAPTER VI The Outbreak of the Mutiny
  • CHAPTER VII Weighed in the Balance
  • CHAPTER VIII The Fight in the Arsenal
  • CHAPTER IX Defence of the Commissioner’s House
  • CHAPTER X Hope and Despair
  • CHAPTER XI In the Clutches of Pir Baksh
  • CHAPTER XII The Treachery of the Guides
  • CHAPTER XIII Tynan makes his Choice
  • CHAPTER XIV The March of the Guide Corps
  • CHAPTER XV Ted’s First Battle
  • CHAPTER XVI The Post of Honour
  • CHAPTER XVII With the Gurkha Picket
  • CHAPTER XVIII Ted’s Hopes are raised and dashed to the Ground
  • CHAPTER XIX Ted’s Friends are Bewildered
  • CHAPTER XX An Adventure on the Ridge
  • CHAPTER XXI “Wombwell’s Menagerie”
  • CHAPTER XXII Ted Distinguishes Himself
  • CHAPTER XXIII Ted Extinguishes Himself
  • CHAPTER XXIV Pir Baksh renders Tynan a Service
  • CHAPTER XXV To the Rescue
  • CHAPTER XXVI Lucknow Relieved
  • CHAPTER XXVII An Encounter with the Nana Sahib
  • CHAPTER XXVIII The Final Scene at Lucknow
  • CHAPTER XXIX Jim Disposed Of
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