When hearts are trumps

When hearts are trumps

By Tom Hall
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • When Hearts are Trumps
  • By
  • Tom Hall
  • Contents.
  • Kings & Queens & Bowers
  • The Perfect Face.
  • The Moonlight Sonata.
  • The Kiss
  • The Bride.
  • A Problem.
  • To Phyllis Reading a Letter.
  • A Rose from her hair.
  • When I told her my Love.
  • My Lady, you Blushed.
  • The American Slave.
  • Sell Her,—That's Right.
  • Time and Place.
  • Blood on the Rose.
  • In Old Madrid.
  • The Duel.
  • The Shroud.
  • Love's Return.
  • One Wish.
  • For Me.
  • To a Water-color.
  • The Serenade.
  • To the Rose in her hair.
  • Her Reverie.
  • To Beauty.
  • Dreaming of You.
  • Please Return.
  • Almost Dying of Ennui.
  • Jacks from Jack.
  • Hyacinths.
  • In The Waltz.
  • She Is Mine.
  • Old Times.
  • Of My Love.
  • The Farewell.
  • The Last Dance.
  • Why he asked for a Vacation.
  • The Editor's Valentine.
  • Acting.
  • An Apache Love-Song.[1]
  • The Old-fashioned Girl.
  • A Retrospect.
  • Hard Hit.
  • Rejected.
  • Jokers
  • Her Yachting Cap.
  • Theft.
  • Before her Mirror.
  • At Old Point Comfort.
  • A Drop Too Much.
  • Ingratitude.
  • A Few Resolutions.
  • A Dilemma.
  • A Choice not Necessary.
  • That Boston Girl.
  • The Hero.
  • The Sweet Summer Girl.
  • Her Fan.
  • Certainty.
  • Caught.
  • An Important Distinction.
  • Two Kinds.
  • What it Is.
  • In her Pew.
  • The Suspicious Lover to the Star.
  • A Slight Surprise.
  • Past vs. Present.
  • The Usual Way.
  • A Difference in Style.
  • Afraid.
  • Ye Retort Exasperating.
  • A Rhyming Reverie.
  • A Sure Winner.
  • Tantalization.
  • His Usual Fate.
  • On Two Letters from Her.
  • A Serenade—en Deux Langues.
  • When a Girl says "No."
  • Uncertainty.
  • Her Peculiarities.
  • The Reply of the Observant Youth.
  • Tying the Strings of her Shoe.
  • When You are Rejected.
  • A Bachelor's Views.
  • My Cigarette.
  • Discovered.
  • The Ice in the Punch.
  • The Tale of a Broken Heart.
  • Where did you get it?
  • No
  • A Midsummer Night's Tempest.
  • The Abused Gallant.
  • After the Ball.
  • Vanity Fair.
  • For the Long Voyage.
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