Diary of John Manningham

By John Manningham
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Table of Contents
    • Song to the Queene at the Maske at Court, Nov. 2.17
    • In Motleyum.
    • In Spenserum.18
    • March 29, 1602.
    • Epigram; Mr. Kedgwyn.
    • fo. 2b.Epitaph in the Chauncery21 at Sandey in Bedford[shire.]
    • fo. 3.Certayne devises and empresaes taken by the scucheons in the Gallery22 at Whitehall; 19 Martij 1601.
    • fo. 5.Marche 28, 1602.23
    • fo. 6.At St. Clementes;25 the precher.26
    • fo. 6b.Out of a booke called The picture of a perfect commonwealth.28
    • Dr. Mounfordes29 Sermon. (Ch. Dauers.)
    • Mr. Downes.31
    • Mr. Phillips.
    • fo. 8b.Mr. Munoes32 of Peterhouse in Cambridge.
    • fo. 9.Serchefeild of St. Johns in Oxford.33
    • Mr. Scott, Trinit. Cant'br.
    • fo. 9b.At Bradborne with my Cosen this Chrismas. 1601.
    • January.
    • Epitaphe of John Foote.
    • Aliud of Mr. Child.
    • Anagram.
    • Davis.
    • Febr. 1601.
    • Feb. 24.At Rochester, at the assises.
    • In the Cathedrall Churche at Rochester.
    • In Naui Ecclesiæ.
    • May 9, 1602. fo. 18.Att the Temple Churche.
    • May 13. At the Temple Churche.
    • De Ascensione Domini.
    • May 16, 1602. fo. 20b.May 16, 1602. At Paules Crosse.
    • 23 May, 1602. fo. 21b.At Westminster.
    • Junii 16o, 1602. fo. 25.At Paule's Crosse.
    • Junij 9, 1602. fo. 26. Marti, lib. 10, Epig. 47.65
    • June 20, 1602. fo. 27b.At Paules, one of Baliol Colledge in Oxford.
    • 20 June, 1601.69 fo. 28b.Dr. Buckridge,70 at the temple Churche.
    • fo. 32. August 1602.Notes out of a copie of a letter written by way of dedicacion of Charles the Fifth his instructions to his Sonne Phillip: translated out of Spanishe, and sent to hir Majestie by Lord H. Howard.77
    • Dr. Parryes Ale for the Spring.
    • Epitaphes in the Temple Churche.
    • Epitaphe in the Churche at Hythe in Kent.
    • fo. 36b. April, 1602.A medicine for the windines in the stomach.
    • For the haymeroyds.
    • fo. 40. 10 Oct. 1602.At Paules Crosse.
    • fo. 45. October, 1602.Out of a Poeme called "It is merry when Gossips meete" S. R.105
    • An Epitaphe upon a bellowes maker.
    • fo. 46b. 24 October.Mr. Dr. King,109 preacher at St. Andrews in Holborn, at Paules Crosse, this daye.
    • fo. 54b.October 31. At Paules
    • At the Temple Church
    • Posies for a jet ring lined with sylver.
    • fo. 65. 14 November, 1602.Dr. Dawson of Trinity in Cambridge, at Paules Crosse.
    • At Paules Crosse
    • fo. 71. 28 Nov. 1602.At Paules,
    • fo. 73. 5 Dec. 1602.Mr. Layfeild at St. Clements.
    • fo. 76. 12 Dec. 1602.At St. Clements.
    • fo. 76b. 12 Dec. 1602.At the Black Friars.
    • fo. 79. 19 Dec. 1602.At Paules.
    • At Paules Crosse.
    • fo. 88. 30 Jan. 1602. In the afternoone, at St. Peters by Paules Wharfe, Mr. Clapham. Gen. iv. 8.
    • Scottish taunts.
    • fo. 91b. 4 Feb. 1602.Out of a poeme intituled The Tragicall History of Mary Queen of Scotts and Dowager of Fraunce.145 Hir Ghost to Baldwyne.
    • The choise of the Regent was the beginning of their broyles. Duke Hamilton a worthie, wise prince, chosen Regent, purposed a marriag twixt Q. Mary and Ed. 6., interrupted by the Clergy, and matched with the Dauphine of Fraunce.146
    • Our Queene offered hir 30,000 crownes per annum soe she would not marry a forreyner.147
    • Dauis hir secretary gave counsell, that shee should not crowne hir husband. Lord Darly.148
    • Of the murther of Davies.
    • That not the Queen but others procured Bothwell to murther Lord Darly.149
    • That she mourned not.
    • Of hir favors.
    • The cause that moued hir to stir sedition.
    • Tyborne tippets, i. e. halters.151
    • Appeald to forrein princes.
    • fo. 96. 6 Feb. 1602.At the Temple Churche, Dr. Abbottes,156 Deane of [Winchester.157]
    • fo. 96b. 6 Feb. 1602.In the afternoone, Mr. Clapham; his text, Math. xxiv. 15.
    • fo. 99b. 13 Feb. 1602.At Paules,
    • At a Spittle Sermon.
    • fo. 113b. 27.At White Hall;
    • fo. 118. 31 Mar. 1603.Of a beggar that lay on the ground drunk.
    • fo. 121b. 8 Aprill 1603.At White Hall.
    • At the Court at Whitehall.
    • fo. 126b. 10 Aprill 1603.At Whitehall in the Afternoone in the Chappell.
    • I.—Abstract of Will of Richard Manningham, dated 21st January 1611-12; 9th James I.
    • II.—Inscription on Monument to Richard Manningham in East Malling Church.194
    • III.—Abstract of Will of John Manningham, dated 21st January 1621-2; 19th James I.
  • INDEX.
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